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Basketball Play - Decathlon Testing

Decathlon Testing

Joel Hueser 09/21/2016

Each year, preseason and sometimes during the season, we test our players for assessment purposes. The Decathlon is a good indicator of player strengths and weaknesses. The test consists of ten shooting skills performed for one minute each, one skill right after the other. We have acquired over 25 years of data using this test. As a result, we have a pretty good idea of a player's offensive skill set when it's all said and done. We like to factor these numbers into our selection process. To date, in my 25+ years of coaching, not quite 20 players have scored 200 baskets or higher. The highest is 218. The first 3 minutes set the tone. A fundamentally sound player can score close to 100 or more baskets right out of the gates. We consider the following grade levels and scores very good: Freshmen 160 or more Sophomores 170 or more Juniors 180 or more Seniors 190 or more Skill Level Scale: 000-100 | Poor! 100-115 | Very Low Skill Level 115-130 | Low Skill Level 130-145 | Average Skill Level 145-160 | Above Average Skill Level 160-175 | High Skill Level 175-190 | Very High Skill Level 190-205 | Outstanding! See More

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Basketball Play - Cone Handle Shots

Cone Handle Shots

Kyle Gilreath 07/24/2013

I love this drill because it works on several components of improvement all at once: Ball Handling: Force your players out of their comfort zone and to dribble lower and quicker each time, that is the only way to improve Footwork: Creating space and finishing with the least amount of dribbles Finishing Through/Over/Around the Defense: This drill consists of a multiple of different types of shots and finishes that are great to add to your players' repertoire. See More

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