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Basketball Play - 14 Curl/Triple

14 Curl/Triple

Randy Brown 04/23/2014

Many scoring opportunities exist with this play. 2 and 3 may get free for a shot or drive from the initial flare screens by 4-5. Next, 5 cuts down lane with screen from 4. Finally, 2 takes triple stagger to get open for shot on left side. See More

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Basketball Play - Door


Randy Brown 04/23/2014

This is a proven set play for a three point shot attempt late in the game. 3 is used as a decoy to catch, return pass to 1, and curl over screens by 4-5. 1 drives the ball from left to right as 2 cuts between 4-5 as they screen and "shut the door." This will free 2 for open three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Curl Special

Double Curl Special

Randy Brown 04/22/2014

Guarding the curl is a difficult defensive assignment. This play incorporates two curls for scoring easy baskets. Play starts with back screen for 4, followed by cross screen for 3 curling to the goal. The second curl is set up with ball reversal to 5 and a down screen by 4 to free 2 in the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - Richard Pitino Motion Set

Richard Pitino Motion Set

Dana Beszczynski 04/16/2014

Richard Pitino took the University of Minnesota to the NIT Final where he was matched up against one of the true coaching legends of the game, SMU's Larry Brown. Brown was looking to be the first coach to win an NBA, NCAA, and NIT Championship. This is a great Motion Set vs a M2M defense incorporating the use of the down screen, back screen, and middle ball screen. The lob option off the back screen is a quick hit action and an effective swing of the ball off the ball screen can catch the defense opening up a possible post pass. See More

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Basketball Play - 3


Kyle Gilreath 04/18/2014

The Wisconsin Badgers ran this quick hitter in their National Semi-Final game vs Kentucky in 2014. The key to this play is for 3 to be patient and curl off tight shoulder to shoulder. To see EVERY play Florida ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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