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Basketball Play - Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter  "Under

Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter "Under

Rory Hamilton 08/02/2015

"Under" looks to give you several different scoring options out of one play against a triange and 2 defense. The initial alignment is a 1-4 high with one of your guarded players at the point and the other at either the left or right-wing. The play starts with a pass to the high post player on the same sided as the other player being guarded man to man. The post catches and faces while strong side elbow and wing player set a double flare screen for the point guard for a potential quick shot. If the shot is not there the 3 player flashes to the block for potential low post pass if bottom triangle defender comes out. The 5 player then sprints to the wing for a PNR while the 2 and 4 player set a weak side double screen for the 3 man. The point guard comes off the PNR and looks to score, hit the post rolling or 3 player along the baseline. Once the 3 player catches along the baseline, the 4 man slides to mid post and the 2 man continues cut and sets a screen on the bottom defender bringing the 5 man right "under" the basket for a score. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistol 3

Pistol 3

Brandon Mullis 08/01/2015

A variation of the pistol action shared a few weeks ago from the Miami Heat from a few seasons ago. In this action, LeBron James would come off a Chris Bosh ball screen and look to attack the rim. If LeBron could not get to the rim, he would look to hit Bosh popping to the corner/short corner after setting the ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Los Angeles Clippers "Horns Seal Leak"

Los Angeles Clippers "Horns Seal Leak"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Doc Rivers loves to get Chris Paul & Blake Griffin in a Post Pick & Roll situation to put the defense in a tough situation. Out of this set, they ran a counter late against the San Antonio Spurs to get Chris Paul moving and attacking off a double screen. Instead of setting a flex screen and then sealing his man for a post up, Paul leaks out and receives a dribble handoff from Blake Griffin and attacks off a ballscreen from DeAndre Jordan. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Cross Elevator"

San Antonio Spurs "Cross Elevator"

Gibson Pyper 04/30/2015

Gregg Popovich has mastered the art of getting his second unit to run great after time outs/sets to open up the second and fourth quarters and he ran a great set against the Clippers for a 3 pointer. This set is an Elevator set for Patty Mills. Mills starts by passing the ball to the wing and cutting to the middle of the key. He fakes like he will set a cross screen for 3 to freeze his man and sprints through the elevator doors. See More

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