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Basketball Play - Early


Kyle Gilreath 11/26/2015

Vanderbilt ran this Early Offense quick hitter last night in the Maui Invitational Championship game vs Kansas. 3 lifting his arm, acting as he was setting a backscreen, really set up this play to allow him the extra step to get off the catch & shoot before the defense could recover. See More

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Basketball Play - Baseline (3-low)

Baseline (3-low)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

We start by forming a triple stack on either block with our player being guarded M2M on top. To initiate the action, the point guard uses a freeze dribble to attack the top defender in the box and the players forming the stack set a double screen on the low box defender and the middle guard looks to pop out to shooting range. If the bottom of the zone shifts out quickly to defended the short corner/corner shot, the ball side post immediately screens away and brings weak side post across the hoop for a baseline bounce pass. If nothing develops on this action a quick pass to the point guard followed by a ball screen by the guarded player and the action can be run to the other side. If at anytime the bottom box defender anticipates the corner pass, the point guard can ball fake and immediately hit the post player slipping the screen on the block. You can also run this play with your player being guarded M2M as the baseline runner. See More

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