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Basketball Play - Grinnell Stagger Triple

Grinnell Stagger Triple

Wes Kosel 06/27/2015

In the stagger option of this play, 4 stays back as the trailer as 2 runs across the floor off of a staggered-screen from 3 and 5. 1 looks to pass to 2 for a 3-point shot. If 4 gets ahead of the ball, he can join in on the screen to form a triple staggered-screen for the shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Finland 4-Out Through

Finland 4-Out Through

Wes Kosel 06/19/2015

1 passes to 2 on the wing then cuts through to the opposite corner. 2 looks to pass inside to 5 right away. Once 5 has the ball, 4 screens for 1 in the corner and 3 fills across the floor to the opposite wing. 5 looks to score or can pass out to 1. If 1 gets the ball without a shot, 5 steps out to set a ball-screen. 1 drives towards the baseline as 5 rolls and 4 replaces 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Finland Horns PNR Block Pin

Finland Horns PNR Block Pin

Wes Kosel 06/19/2015

1 dribbles off of the high ball-screen from 4 towards the right side of the floor. 3 moves in to the low post. If 1 doesn't have anything going right, he turns and comes left off of a ball-screen from 4. At the same time, 5 screens down for 3. 1 can look to shoot, drive to the rim, pass to 3 for a shot, or pass to 5 slipping to the rim. See More

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