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Basketball Play - Dribble Drive Motion: Chair Drill

Dribble Drive Motion: Chair Drill

Michael Lynch 07/04/2018

As part of #PlayerDevelopmentWeek I am putting together a series of drill progressions that we use in order to develop skills to fit our Dribble Drive Motion Offense. in this last installment we are focusing on "Shooting". On top of developing our players' ability to attack, finish & come to clean stops we want our players to be able to make the "Quick Pitch" pass vs helping defenses. We want all of our players who are not involved in the drive to the rim to have a "Catch to Shoot" mentality. We play heavy emphasis on players catching the basketball with the ability to rise up and shoot immediately. The "Chair Drill" presented below is a staple 2/0 Shooting Drill that is designed to shoot the three most common Drive & Kick opportunities that our players get. Players get 2-3 shots at each of the three locations, and then the same is repeated on the opposite end of the floor. This drill is one that could be easily tweaked and catered to fit your offense's most common shots as well. Read more on the FMS Blog: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Chair Drill I

4 Chair Drill I

Matt Monroe 07/19/2015

Note: Mix up your dribble move combinations and finishes. For example, the first part of the drill you have the player start with a sweep and a rip, go through the chairs making cross overs, speed dribble to the last chair, go between their legs, and finish with a floater. The second time you do the drill you may change up each part of it to work on different moves and finishes. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 1/0 With Chair

Motion Breakdowns - 1/0 With Chair

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

Motion Breakdowns: To begin teaching the four basic cuts of motion offense (curl, back, out, straight) use a folding chair to simulate the screener setting a downscreen. Players on the wing have a ball, they pass to coach/Asst./Mgr./player who is centered. Stress setting up the cut by "walking the arc" then sprinting the cut. Miss the chair late! Call your cut! Teach the two inside cuts (curl, back) first. Work the drill on both sides or the floor. You can have four folding chairs and four lines on a single court with players rotating from line to line. Drill should be LOUD with players calling cuts! If you run motion, this is your most basic shooting drill. Do it daily. These are your game shots! See More

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Basketball Play - Full Court Pressure Release Drill

Full Court Pressure Release Drill

Matt Monroe 07/04/2018

• #1 dribbles to the first cone and then performs a retreat dribble. • After the retreat dribble, #1 dribbles back towards the same cone. • #1 then completes a lateral dribble to the next cone. • Once they reach the second cone, they drive hard to the middle cone with their right hand and complete a change of direction move. • At the fourth cone, #1 completes another retreat dribble and attacks the same cone again. • They then complete a lateral dribble from the fourth cone to the fifth cone. • #1 makes a change of direction move at the fifth cone and completes a designated finish around the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 Cone Finishing Drill

3 Cone Finishing Drill

Matt Monroe 07/04/2018

• 1 dribbles around each cone • Once they clear each cone, they work on a designated finish at the basket • The finish after clearing each cone can be the same for all three or varied from cone to cone Types of finishes to work on: • Layups • Inside hand layups • Power layups • Shot fake finishes • Floaters • Hips across moves • Ginobili moves • Step back jumpers • Etc. See More

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