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Randy Sherman is the owner and founder of Radius Athletics - a basketball coaching consulting firm - where he consults with basketball coaches at all levels on coaching philosophy, practice planning, Xs & Os and teaching a conceptual style of basketball. While a head basketball coach at the the interscholastic level, Sherman's teams won 197 games in nine seasons. More info..

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Basketball Play - TWIST Concept

TWIST Concept

Randy Sherman 04/23/2018

The "TWIST" from Four T's of International Offense - The twist is a rescreen used when the on ball defender goes under the ball screen. Check out videos below featuring Pau Gasol of the San Antonio Spurs. More on Spread Ball Screen Offense... See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Ball Screen Numbers Advantages

Michigan Wolverines - Ball Screen Numbers Advantages

Randy Sherman 03/29/2018

Michigan Wolverines use a simple pick-and-pop from a run out or Spread Ball Screen to create numbers advantages for their offense. Final Four Preview - Michigan Wolverines - Find, Use, Create Check out the video playlist below the diagrams of these concepts mini-clinic experience on these concepts (volume up). Related materials: Spread Ball Screen Playbook #FindUseCreate on Twitter Find Use Create combo Playbook See More

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