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Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Jumpstops

Circle Shooting Jumpstops

Joel Hueser 07/02/2018

Circle Shooting Jumpstops is the perfect drill to teach and emphasize the two-foot jumpstop and finishing strong in the paint. We like to piggy-back this drill with Circle Shooting. It is slightly more advanced, but very complimentary in building great footwork. Blog Post: Scoring Made Simple - 3 Easy and Effective Shots to Practice See More

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Basketball Play - Pick and Pop

Pick and Pop

Tim Springer 09/30/2012

1 screens the ball with a sideline and pops to the wing. 1 has the option to catch and shoot or drive to the basket Drill: Screen the chair (#), and pop for 15 makes with catch and shoot. Also make 15 one dribble jump shots with same drill. Do on both sides of the court. See More

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