Circle Shooting Layups - FastModel Sports

Published 09/28/2022 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

When we see daylight we like to emphasize getting to the rim as quickly as possible - this means taking off of one foot. If we see bodies, then we want to play off of two feet. See drill details in frame descriptions.

  • Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Layups
  • Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Layups
  • *Circle Shooting Layups flows best with at least 5 players and 2 basketball players.

    -Player 1 circle cuts around the cone or chair (aka Coach).

    -We emphasize a good, timely pass and our goal: Get to the rim off 1 foot as fast as possible.

  • -Immediately after passing, Player 2 circles cuts and repeats the same action going the to the opposite side.

    -Meanwhile, Player 1 gets his own and takes the ball to the line he is going to.

    *Possible Footwork Progression: 1) Inside Foot 2) Outside Foot 3) Inside-Out 4) Euro Step 5) Step-Back 6) Step-Back Continuation