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Matt Wheeler is an assistant coach for the women's basketball program at Johnson C. Smith University. He has over 20 years of coaching experience including 6 years as a collegiate assistant. Coach Wheeler previously served as an assistant at Florida A&M University and Daytona State College, where some of his primary roles included scouting and game prep. Coach Wheeler spent 15 years in the high school ranks in the Orlando, FL area. His teams have won achieved 3 district titles, 3 state final fours, and 1 state championship.

Coach Wheeler was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He got his coaching start at Cascade College where he was the student assistant for the women’s basketball program while also participating on the men’s JV basketball team. Coach Wheeler resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Kiana, daughter Noa, and son Ethan.

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Football SLOB

Indiana Pacers - Football SLOB

Matt Wheeler 05/28/2024

The Indiana Pacers were down 3 with 1.7 seconds left and ran this football-inspired play to get an open look at a three for Aaron Nesmith (2). 5 cuts to the rim down the middle of the floor. 3 cuts in front of 2, crossing the court to the weak side wing. 2 cuts behind 3 to the ball. 4 trails the play for another option. Video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - 4 Low Curls BLOB

Boston Celtics - 4 Low Curls BLOB

Matt Wheeler 05/23/2024

The Boston Celtics ran this crucial baseline out of bounds play down 3 with 8.5 seconds left in the game, and were able to make the shot that sent the game to overtime. They were looking for a corner 3-point shot for either Jaylen Brown (3) or Jayson Tatum (4) off of identical actions on either side of the floor. 1 and 5 lifted to the elbow area and then set screens for 3 & 4 as they curled around them back to the corner. Video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Connecticut Sun - Delay STS

Connecticut Sun - Delay STS

Matt Wheeler 05/16/2024

The Connecticut Sun ran this 5 Out offensive action to get the ball into the post for Brionna Jones (4). 1 passes to 5 up top then cuts to the basket.5 then passes to 2 on the wing. 1 then starts the screen the screener action by screening for 4. 5 then sets the screen for 1 for a secondary option up top. Video clip below. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Mercury - Stagger Ball Screen Away

Phoenix Mercury - Stagger Ball Screen Away

Matt Wheeler 05/16/2024

The Phoenix Mercury opened the 2024 season with this play to get Diana Taurasi (1) a look for 3. 1 follows her pass to 2 to set a stagger ball screen with 5. 2 dribbles off of the screens and then 5 screens away for 1. Taurasi did a great job of setting her defender up, acting as if she was going to set a screen for 3 while she waited for the screen from 5. Video clip below. See More

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