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Basketball Play - Hawk Double Cross

Hawk Double Cross

Dana Beszczynski 02/17/2017

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo has one of the most extensive offensive playbooks in Division I. Here is a a version of the old NBA "Hawk" set PG dribble enters clearing the wing and then the "Hawk" screen is set sending the 2 guard ball side for a possible quick hit pass The play continues with a double stagger for the cutter off ball reversal and then when nothing is open a quick throwback to the wing for a screen-the-screener action trying to free the 5 under the basket If nothing in the Post is free, the screen is set at the FT Line and the 5 having relocated sprints-to-screen at the TOK See More

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Basketball Play - Texas (W) - Elbow Post Double

Texas (W) - Elbow Post Double

Matt Wheeler 02/14/2017

Texas ran this as their late game go to play in their double overtime win over Florida State. The play starts out in an elbow set with 1 making the entry pass to the 4 and screening for 3 for a post up. After the post up look for 3, 1 receives a staggered screen from 5 & 4 to get the ball back. 5 & 4 continue with a second staggered screen, this time for 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas A&M - Reverse Double

Texas A&M - Reverse Double

Matt Wheeler 02/14/2017

Texas A&M ran this play multiple times in their game against Florida. The Aggies use false motion to help set up the double screen for a 3 point shot. The ball reversal and cuts from the guards shifts the defense and the pindown for 1 gets the ball back in their point guard's hands. Once 1 has the ball, 3 cuts off of a double screen from 5 & 4. 1 passes to 3 for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Two-Player Single Gaps

Two-Player Single Gaps

Randy Sherman 02/07/2017

Breakdown drill for conceptual offense. Two rules at play here: If you are in a single gap and the ball looks at, dribbles at or pivots at you, cut to the basket and replace to space usually a corner Attack double gaps with the dribble Contact us for more on conceptual offense teaching points. Follow on twitter and make sure to check out more #FastDrawArt See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Get

Horns Get

Randy Sherman 02/06/2017

France commonly uses the ball screen as the initial action in their Horns alignments, but it is the second ball screen that is the real catalyst. In “Horns Get” the point guard, French superstar Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, dribbles off the first ball screen and drags his man to the wing. The screener cuts away wide to the sideline to space as the other lifted big comes over to “get” Parker open with a ball screen on the wing. Parker then has a double gap (shaded area, Frame 3) to attack coming out of the ball screen. The screener rolls to the rim and the wing in the corner runs “back action” to counter his man tagging the roll man. See More

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