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Basketball Play - Austin Spurs-BLOB

Austin Spurs-BLOB

Menelik Fernandes 06/17/2020

1-4 are interchangeable height wise on this play 3+4 both briefly fake a screen for 2 2 misdirects and comes ball side corner 4 curls off of 2's back to the weak short corner 4 then exits 3 pops to the high rimline area 5 walks towards the elbow 1 passes to 2 1 enters to the help side block 5 butt screens 3 curls off of 5 2 passes to 3 4 lifts See More

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Basketball Play - Early Offense - Triple Gap

Early Offense - Triple Gap

Tony Miller 06/16/2020

Create multiple scoring opportunities early in your possession by using a simple "toss back" to get your trail player moving down hill against a transitioning defense. The "triple gap" created by the moving 1 gives the 4 a lot of space to drive, which forces the help defense to decide to either help stop the ball or stick to their men. See More

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Basketball Play - Agua Caliente-BLOB

Agua Caliente-BLOB

Menelik Fernandes 06/16/2020

2 cuts over the top of 4 and 5 4 and 5 both space to the slots 1 passes to 5 because there is no shot for 2 2 pins for 1 1 enters and gets a wing pass from 5 2 spaces and becomes the shake 5 turns the pass into pass and pick action 1 attacks the nail 1 passes to 4 for a make if x4 is tagging See More

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