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Basketball Play - Spurs Stagger Screen

Spurs Stagger Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/08/2013

The San Antonio Spurs utilized a lot of movement and spacing to create open rolling lanes for #21 Tim Duncan. Here they look for the quick hoop as the 3 man curls off a stagger screen. After screening #21 Tim Duncan pops back to get a catch. He executes a dribble handoff and dives hard to the rim. The Miami Heat had a difficult time dealing with him rolling. See More

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Basketball Play - Wofford Terriers - Snap Floppy Twist

Wofford Terriers - Snap Floppy Twist

Doug Brotherton 03/22/2019

This set by Wofford has a lot going on, but it is a great action to get an open 3. The set has a pin down, with a return dribble hand off. Following that, it appears to be a double stagger away, but that is rejected. The next misdirection is the potential floppy action, which is twisted at the end, to be a double stagger coming back out for a shot. This is a great set, to open up a good shooter. Wofford beat Seton Hall in the first round, behind their ability to free up their three point shooters. This is just one example of the great actions that they run. NCAA Tournament - Style of Play Viewing Guide See More

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