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Basketball Play - Texas Tech Red Raiders - Motion Sample: Kitchen Sink

Texas Tech Red Raiders - Motion Sample: Kitchen Sink

Dave Nedbalek 04/08/2019

This is a sample of the Texas Tech true motion offense. This is not a set play but a picture of the sequences of actions you will have to guard when facing them. In one possession you have to guard: a drag screen, flare screen, slipped step-up screen, a pick & pop, and one last flare screen by the 5 to empty the paint. The spacing struggles at times but they force you into uncommon situations and actions that it presents the opportunity for miscommunication and scoring opportunities. Blog Posts: Texas Tech Defense Puts Opponents on Red Alert National Championship Game Preview: Texas Tech XsOs See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue Boilermakers - Gut Stagger

Purdue Boilermakers - Gut Stagger

Matt Wheeler 03/29/2019

Purdue was down two late in their sweet sixteen game against Tennessee when they ran this play to get their shooter, Ryan Cline, the ball for a three-point shot. The play design uses both post players to make the ball reversals because they are less likely to be denied. 3 gets the ball off of a screen and handoff from both bigs to get the open shot. See More

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