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Basketball Play - 3 Cone 3 Moves Drill

3 Cone 3 Moves Drill

Kyle Gilreath 07/23/2013

This is a great series of moves for your players to work on to attack the rim from halfcourt while making multiple moves around defenders. It is important that the players try to go as fast and stay as low as possible to keep the ball low. Adding a coach with a pad at the rim forces them to finish strong through contact. Each move (Frame) should be completed with a right hand and left hand finishes before moving to the next set. See More

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Basketball Play - Creating Space Floaters / Hooks

Creating Space Floaters / Hooks

Kyle Gilreath 07/17/2013

This drill is just an extension of the Rim Finishes Drill I posted earlier today. This is a great series of moves that every player should add to their arsenal to work on to perfect. The ability to change direction and finish around the rim are key elements for players who want to play basketball at a high level. When I performed this drill I had each player make each finish 3 times before moving onto the next move. You can adjust this accordingly as you see fit. See More

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Basketball Play - Creating Space Rim Finishes

Creating Space Rim Finishes

Kyle Gilreath 07/17/2013

One problem many young players face and something the pro's have perfected, is the ability to create space by setting up your defender for a move. In this drill I taught our players to jab at the rim to get the defender off and then jab in another direction to get the defense to recover to a side. Once you get the defense to a side you can then make a move and attack. Utilizing coaches/managers with pads in areas where the player will experience contact enhances this drill to the fullest. The coach/manager on the ball try to slap at the arms/ball to teach your players to be strong with the ball when jabbing and ripping through for a move. See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Warmup

NBA Warmup

John Leonzo 05/14/2013

Here is a great drill that can be used to work on a players individual offensive skills. This drill can be done as part of an individual workout or can be done with an entire team. This drill gives you the opportunity to work on finishing around the basket, one on one moves, and jump shooting as well. This is a great drill to get lots of reps in a quick time! See More

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Basketball Play - Second Defender Scoring Drill

Second Defender Scoring Drill

Randy Brown 02/08/2013

This drill is a "Turnover-Killer." The drill presents a combination of 1. getting open and catching, 2. facing the basket while ripping the ball through and jab stepping, 3. Driving around defender, 4. Making decision to shoot or drive by second defender, and finishing the play with a basket. It also creates toughness and ball security. You can also add a player at the basket with a pad to creat contact on the finish. See More

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