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Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

Drew Hanlen 10/09/2014

This is a drill from my Team Toughness Drill Book. You can get a copy of the complete drill book at This drill is great for post players because it works on the following: -Establishing position -Scoring if you get a deep catch -Reading the nail defender -Escaping double teams -Passing out of traps -Flashing from weak-to-strong side -Scoring in a 1v1 situation See More

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Basketball Play - Mustang Drill

Mustang Drill

Alan Peel 09/17/2014

This is a drill that can be run early in practice as a way to get players to work on fundamentals related to conditioning, passing, and finishing lay-ups. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill

Rim Run Drill

Kyle Gilreath 08/27/2014

One reason many of the bigs out of the University of Florida have so much success professionally is that Head Coach Billy Donovan puts them through numerous drills from the NBA level to prepare them. This drill-set is from today's NBA Draft Combine and one that Coach Donovan utilizes very often with his talented bigs. Not only is this a great conditioning drill, but also allows you to put your bigs in multiple situations in small window. See More

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Basketball Play - Randolph Drill

Randolph Drill

Fabian McKenzie 08/27/2014

This is a tremendous early season conditioning drill. It is a very tough drill to do when you stress that the players get to the corners and take no shortcuts. We will do this for 1 minute on each side building up to 3-4 minutes a side. You can choose the dribble moves they use and also what type of finish you would like at the rim. Lastly, once they know the drill, when you want to run sprints, suicides, lines, etc. think of running this instead. Lots of handling, passing and finishing. See More

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Basketball Play - Never Too Late Drill

Never Too Late Drill

Fabian McKenzie 07/22/2014

Offensive Players line up at half court line X2 lines up whereever the coach wishes to create different angles and timing. X1 lines up at opposite free throw line Coach throws the ball to one of the offensive lines. X2 comes in to stop ball, X1 comes in as trailer to become help defense 1 for a score - 2 for a stop or Turnover Too much time on offense = TO play for 2-3 min each Could also make this a live 2 on 2 in opposite direction after score or stop See More

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Basketball Play - Off the Ball 1 on 1 Drill

Off the Ball 1 on 1 Drill

Fabian McKenzie 07/04/2014

This is a good drill for players to work on getting open away from the ball. The defensive player must also work very hard to prevent 1 from making an easy catch. The passer must also work at delivering the pass on time and on target. You can play to a set score or a set number of stops. We will move spots on the floor to increase the difficulty for the offense or defense See More

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Basketball Play - 9 man break

9 man break

null null 03/20/2014

This drill is an alternative to the 11 man break, or continuous 3 on 2 fastbreak. This is a 2 on 1 with a defender trailing at all times. This makes offense attack in a game like situation. The drill can get confusing but the more the players run it, the more they get used to it. It is good for teams that are low on numbers, and a good conditioner. See More

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