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Timothy Hipps is an assistant coach at Central High School in Capital Heights, MD. He is also the founder of Math-n-Basketball Academy, a youth basketball organization that also offers academic support to players. Coach Hipps uses basketball statistics, scouting reports and game technology to integrate sports with mathematics and literacy in Maryland public schools.  While coaching at amateur levels, he has sought to adapt NBA actions and offenses for youth and high school teams.  Hipps is adamant about offering professional preparation, collaboration, and effort at the recreational and interscholastic levels. While a head basketball coach at the interscholastic level, Hipps' teams won 3 league championships in five seasons.  You can follow Timothy on Twitter @mathnbasketball.

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Basketball Play - Cincinnati BLOB  Lift

Cincinnati BLOB Lift

Timothy Hipps 03/19/2016

With 3 low and the point guard high for the back court safety, 3 screens for 4 and uses 5's screen into the corner. 5 seals his man and lifts up high post for the overhead catch. 2 immediately curls 5 for the handoff. His options are 5 on the roll and lob or 4 who lifts to free throw line extended for 3. See More

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