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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill from my Team Toughness Drill Book. You can get a copy of the complete drill book at http://tinyurl.com/ToughnessBook.

This drill is great for post players because it works on the following:

-Establishing position

-Scoring if you get a deep catch

-Reading the nail defender

-Escaping double teams

-Passing out of traps

-Flashing from weak-to-strong side

-Scoring in a 1v1 situation

  • Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out
  • Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out
  • Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out
  • Coach will make a post entry to the offensive player. As soon as the coach makes the post entry, the defender that is guarding the coach will sprint and touch the elbow, then sprint to double the offensive player. On the catch, the offensive post player can attack right away before the double comes. If the offensive player is unable to score quickly before the double comes, they must retreat dribble out of the double team and complete a skip pass to the coach located on the weak-side wing.
  • After skipping the ball, the doubling defender will step off, while the offensive post will fight across the lane to re-establish position on the opposite block. The coach with the ball will pass the ball to the offensive player whenever they call for it. On the catch, players will play live 1v1.
  • If the offensive player scores, they will stay on offense and the doubling defender will become the defender, while the defender that just got scored on will become the doubling defender. If the defender gets a stop, they will move to offense and the offensive player will become the doubling defender, while the doubling defender will become the defender.