Rim Run Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 08/27/2014 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

One reason many of the bigs out of the University of Florida have so much success professionally is that Head Coach Billy Donovan puts them through numerous drills from the NBA level to prepare them. This drill-set is from today's NBA Draft Combine and one that Coach Donovan utilizes very often with his talented bigs. Not only is this a great conditioning drill, but also allows you to put your bigs in multiple situations in small window.


  • Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill
  • Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill
  • Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill
  • First element of this drills gets your players sprinting the floor and finishing at the rim.


    Player throws a self pass off the backboard and then outlets to a coach who advances the ball up the floor to another coach. The player sprints the floor and gets the ball back for a catch & finish. The drill then repeats back the other direction. You can alternate players who have them do this rotation multiple times as a great conditioning drill as well.


    Use a pad to make the player finish stronger if you want to make the drill more difficult.

  • The 2nd segment involves pick & pop/roll. The drill is repeated the same except now the player is sprinting into a wing pick & roll/pop. Have them mix up their rolls and pops; as well as the moves they make after getting the ball back.

  • The 3rd segment involves duck-ins (post ups). The player sprints the middle of the floor looking for the ball. They are met in the lane by a coach/teammate with a pad and must work on ducking in hard in transition and finishing around the rim.