Randolph Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a tremendous early season conditioning drill. It is a very tough drill to do when you stress that the players get to the corners and take no shortcuts.

We will do this for 1 minute on each side building up to 3-4 minutes a side. 

You can choose the dribble moves they use and also what type of finish you would like at the rim.

Lastly, once they know the drill, when you want to run sprints, suicides, lines, etc. think of running this instead. Lots of handling, passing and finishing.

  • Basketball Play - Randolph Drill
  • Basketball Play - Randolph Drill
  • 1's line up in the corner and 2's line up in corner at opposite end


    1 dribbles at full speed to the mid-court line


    1 passes to 2 then sprints to rim for a return pass


    1 catches the pass and makes the lay-up

              The next 1 in line begins when the one in front dribbles past the 3 point line 

  • After 1 makes the lay-up, they must sprint full speed to the opposite end of the court.


    After passing to 1, 2 sprints to rebound the lay-up.


    2 dribbles hard to the corner and executes a dribble move.


    2 then dribbles hard to the mid-court line, passes the ball to 1 and sprints to get a return pass for the layup.


    The pattern then continues with 1 rebounding the layup and 2 sprinting to the opposite end.