Wing Square-Ups - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The purpose of this drill is to practice squaring up hard on the wing; in other words, getting your shoulders turned all the way towards the basket and forcing your defender to move backwards in order to avoid committing a foul. Players pass the ball to a coach at the top of the 3-point line, take a step towards the basket, and then square-up to the basket as they receive the ball back from the coach. Once receiving the ball, they swing the ball aggressively over the tops of their shoes (low to the ground) and attack the basket along the baseline. Lines alternate driving along the baseline until the team makes 30 lay-ups, and then both lines switch to attacking middle for 30 made lay-ups. Players can switch up the type of lay-up they do to add variety to the drill. This is a drill for the whole team, not just your wing players.

  • Basketball Play - Wing Square-Ups

Player 1 passes to the coach on their side of the floor. They take 1-2 steps towards the basket and come back squaring-up aggressively on the left wing. Once their shoulders are completely square to the basket, they rip the ball over the tops of their feet, (low to the ground), and attack baseline. Once Player 1 attacks the basket, Player 2 does the same motions on the other side.