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Basketball Play - Wing Square-Ups

Wing Square-Ups

FastModel Sports 01/27/2015

The purpose of this drill is to practice squaring up hard on the wing; in other words, getting your shoulders turned all the way towards the basket and forcing your defender to move backwards in order to avoid committing a foul. Players pass the ball to a coach at the top of the 3-point line, take a step towards the basket, and then square-up to the basket as they receive the ball back from the coach. Once receiving the ball, they swing the ball aggressively over the tops of their shoes (low to the ground) and attack the basket along the baseline. Lines alternate driving along the baseline until the team makes 30 lay-ups, and then both lines switch to attacking middle for 30 made lay-ups. Players can switch up the type of lay-up they do to add variety to the drill. This is a drill for the whole team, not just your wing players. See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble Drive Motion: Finishing at the Rim

Dribble Drive Motion: Finishing at the Rim

null null 07/04/2018

As part of #PlayerDevelopmentWeek I am putting together a series of drill progressions that we use in order to develop skills to fit our Dribble Drive Motion Offense. In this second installment we are looking at "Finishing at the Rim". What we are hoping for our players is that they can finish at the rim from multiple angles, and with a variety of finishes. The "1/0 Technique" Drill below makes our players finish from the three most common angles within our offense; 1) The Slot Drive, 2) The Wing Drive from the Corner, and the 3) Baseline Drive. We want our players to feel comfortable finishing with at least 1-2 different techniques from both their strong hand and their weak hand. So over the course of the season we will emphasize these finishes; 1) Extended Arm, 2) Scoop, 3) Inside Hand, 4) Stride Stop, 5) Jump Stops, & 6) Reverse Pivots. The "1/1 and 2/2 Russian" Drills are good once we have moved beyond the Phase A portion of finishing. Those two drills are not only fun for the players, but represent very common finishing opportunities within our offense, 1) The Slot Drive with an advantage and 2) The Drop Pass. Read more on the FMS Blog: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - Kill the Grass

Kill the Grass

Joel Hueser 08/08/2017

Kill the Grass has served us well over the years. We find this drill to be most beneficial when we are working with large numbers of campers and/or youth players. Players work with a partner or a group of three. Our older varsity players will also be spread throughout the gym and model the fundamental skills. They say, "It's not what you teach, but what you emphasize." KTG emphasizes the following fundamentals: passing, catching, triple threat, closing out, ball pressure, shot and foot fakes, blow-by and crossover live ball moves, dribbling, stops and pivots. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Pipe

Box Pipe

Rory Hamilton 07/21/2017

Point guard dribbles towards right elbow and immediately changes direction and dribbles to left wing. 5 goes off of 4's screen at the FT line while 2 goes off of 3's baseline screen. The false motion of the 5 and 2 creates a "pipe" big/little screen in the middle of the floor. If teams switch the screen, the post reverse pivots and seals the guard and we look to immediately enter the ball into the post. Option 2 is to go hi-low with the 3 throwing the ball high low to the 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova Pressure Release & Finish Drill

Villanova Pressure Release & Finish Drill

Michael Shaughnessy 06/05/2017

Villanova is known for being a very fundamentally sound basketball team. They do a tremendous job of valuing the ball (1.4 Asst./TO Ratio) and finish around the rim at a high percentage (66% avg. past 2 years). This is a drill that the men's basketball team does in practice throughout the year to work on getting open versus pressure, working on their triple threat (pivots, jabs), and finishing strong around the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Two-Player Single Gaps

Two-Player Single Gaps

Randy Sherman 02/07/2017

Breakdown drill for conceptual offense. Two rules at play here: If you are in a single gap and the ball looks at, dribbles at or pivots at you, cut to the basket and replace to space usually a corner Attack double gaps with the dribble Contact us for more on conceptual offense teaching points. Follow on twitter and make sure to check out more #FastDrawArt See More

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Basketball Play - Rockets SOB ATO

Rockets SOB ATO

Craig LeVasseur 03/23/2016

Houston ran this play against the Clippers on 3-22-16 with 28 seconds left in the game. After the 2 circles under the basket and 1 clears to the near corner, the 5 sprints at the 3 as if he is setting a backscreen. This is fake action, though, as the 5 stops short and pivots into a downscreen for the 2 in the corner. The 3 is on his own to get open coming towards the ball, and in this case James Harden is able to break free from Russell Westbrook. He catches the ball with a head of steam and is immediately a threat to attack the basket. Meanwhile the 2 comes off of the downscreen, and Harden is able to throw a left hand hook pass to Jason Terry for the 3. See More

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Marc Skelton 10/27/2015

This continuous game-like finishing drill works on 5 different moves from 5 different spots on the floor. These moves can be attempted at different spots using left or right hands. This drill also helps develop footwork (pivots), rip through, and ball fakes. We name the moves after NBA players as it is easier to remember and embrace. Bonus:1) Add Euro step 2) Add a blocking pad to finish with contact. See More

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Basketball Play - Princeton Bounce

Princeton Bounce

Randy Brown 01/19/2014

Classic back door action from the Princeton offense. Double stack set and wing pass entry. 1 clears to opposite corner and 2 fills high. 3 dribbles hard at the right elbow as 4 walks his defender to the corner. 3 picks up the ball and forward pivots away from defender. This is cue for 4 to cut back door to receive pass from 3 for a lay up. See More

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Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Pinch Post Series | Rip Screen Entry

Las Vegas Aces - Pinch Post Series | Rip Screen Entry

Aseem Rastogi 04/17/2019

One of the Aces' go to sets, this pinch post series begins with a rip screen to get clean catches for players ready to attack. All the action goes to the rim with limited options or need for shooting long jumpers. Use this set to isolate a player who can face up and attack from 15 feet, your best shooter setting screens and popping, and your best slashers getting to the rim off handoffs and ball screens. Blog Series: Las Vegas Aces XsOs: Part 1 - Quick HItters and ATO's Part 2 - Baseline Double Cross Part 3 - Pinch Post Actions Part 4 - BLOBs and SLOBs See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Cyclones (W) - 1-4 High Iverson Post Iso

Iowa State Cyclones (W) - 1-4 High Iverson Post Iso

Aseem Rastogi 03/27/2019

With 33 seconds left in the third quarter of their Round of 32 matchup with Missouri State, Iowa State's Women's team ran this 1-4 high set to get a post isolation for 6'1" forward Madison Wise, taking advantage of a matchup with a smaller defender. The key to this was Wise's ability to change pace and speed coming across the top of the key; the timing allowed her to keep the defender on her back as she established position on the mid-post. Iowa State ran this to perfection late clock and ended up sending Wise to the FT line to cut the Missouri State lead to 4 going into the fourth. See More

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