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Basketball Play - Odd


Randy Sherman 06/23/2015

BLOB out of a box set Teaching points: 5 must get wide to set arc screen for 2 3 must time their cut with the entry. Don't cut too soon! 4 sets pin screen for inbounder then looks to bury their man and posts up Team is set to run offense on "set it up" needed. See More

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Basketball Play - EOG/EOQ Need 3

EOG/EOQ Need 3

Brandon Mullis 05/10/2015

This is a last second play that can also be used at the end of quarters in high school. One of our opponents ran this BLOB to perfection against us a couple seasons ago. We did not defend the action very well and gave up the open shot in the corner to lose by one point. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/0 Downscreen

Motion Breakdowns - 2/0 Downscreen

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

Motion Breakdowns: 2/0 downscreen with a coach is the first drill used in teaching the timing of downscreens. Coach is on left slot with a basketball. Screener has a ball on right slot. Player on the wing (2) will be receiving downscreen. Drill begins with a pass to the coach from screener. (Coach briefly has two basketballs) Screener must basket cut by stepping hard with near foot (you want the defense to jump ball side so you have clear path and screening angle.) Cutter begins "walking the arc" to set up cut. Screener jump stops into the screen. TALK! "Joey! Joey! Downscreen" Cutter excutes either curl, back, out or straight cut! TALK! "Curl! curl! Curl!" RULE: if the cutter makes an inside cut, the screener makes an outside cut and vice versa! (concept of second cutters) Coach passes first to cutter then to screener. Work drill on both sides of the floor. If you run motion these are your basic shooting drills! These are your game shots, from game spots at game speed! See More

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Basketball Play - Florida DHO Action

Florida DHO Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/27/2014

The Florida Gators are one of the most exciting offensive teams to watch in the country. Head Coach Billy Donovan's sets are creative, tactically intelligent, and utilizes the strengths of his players. The Gators put their players in a position to get good shots from their sets. This DHO action moves the defense around and forces them to make quick decisions. This play really takes advantage of Young's ability to use his body inside for an easy lay-up or FT line opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - Jazz Special

Jazz Special

Bert DeSalvo 02/24/2014

Utah State MBB ran this set vs. UNLV MBB on 1-22-14 with 18:36 left in the 1st Half. This is a variation on the "Jazz" play that I contributed earlier. It still involves cross screen/down screen action, which the Utah Jazz were famous for in the 1980's and 1990's. See More

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Basketball Play - Hi-Lo Post Iso

Hi-Lo Post Iso

Al Baker 07/29/2013

This is adapted from a play Gregg Marshall runs at Wichita State. This action will get your 4 a couple different opportunities to catch in the paint. It's important to emphasize the reverse pivot from the post player (4) to seal his defender under the rim. Timing is critical to avoid a 3-second violation. See More

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