4 Man Transition Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This drill is great for building habits in transition offense. It encourages speed and precision. The 5 and 4's in your program need to be able to keep up in this drill for your team to run consistently.

  • Basketball Play - 4 Man Transition Drill
  • Basketball Play - 4 Man Transition Drill
  • Basketball Play - 4 Man Transition Drill
  • To start the drill, four players line up circling in the lane.

    Coach takes a shot, and 4 rebounds the basketball.


    The "2/3" shaded areas are where the wing players should run.

    The "4" shaded area is where the post man should run.

  • 4 takes the ball out-of-bounds and passes to 1 running up the floor.

    On the shot, 1 runs to the sideline and then turns and pivots toward the ball. 1 then makes a cut up the floor looking to catch the ball in stride.

    2 and 3 both run wide on the sideline and then curve toward the basket looking for a lay-up. In this frame, 1 passes to 2.

    There should be no dribbling in the drill. Passes only.

  • After passing the ball to 1, 4 runs the length of the floor and tries to get the ball out of the net before it hits the ground.

    1 again runs to the sideline then cuts up the floor.

    2 and 3 run wide for a lay-up.


    The goal is to complete as many lay-ups as possible in 25 seconds.