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About This Play/Drill

Quick finishing drill to throw into practice or any Improvement Season workout. Continually change the emphasis to keep it fresh. Finish Strong!

  • Basketball Play - X-Outs
  • Basketball Play - X-Outs
  • Time: 1 minute

    Goal: High school varsity player should be able to make 13-15 in 1 minute.


    Player starts on either block, facing the free throw line. To start the drill/timer, they roll the ball out to the opposite elbow, and sprint to catch it on a jumpstop.


    The player front pivots and drives to the rim to score.

  • After scoring, the player will rebound the ball on the same side from which they shot. They'll then roll the ball out to the opposite elbow, catch on a jump stop, and drive to score a layup.


    The drill continues in this pattern for one minute. Count all makes.


    Variations: add variations for types of finishes (pro hop, euro, power layup, etc) and pivots at the elbow (reverse, turn in the air, etc).