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Basketball Play - Orlando Magic - 45 PNR

Orlando Magic - 45 PNR

Matt Barnthouse 01/30/2019

This is a situation where having a 4 that can handle the ball can make your offense dynamic. On this play, Aaron Gordon acts as point guard, running a basic Pick and Roll with Nikola Vucevic, along with some added motion with the 1 and 2. This accomplishes a few things: A) The beginning of the set looks almost as if the point guard is coming up to take the ball, which forces the defense to anticipate. B) Having the 4 as the ball handler, 1 off the ball, and the 3 stuck in the corner puts Russell Westbrook and Paul George off the ball, allowing the offense to attack the Thunder's weaker players. C) A taller player can simply see the roll man better and deliver a nice pass that goes through the help defense in a way that a smaller player may not be able to do. D) The off-ball motion during the roll forces defenders to keep their attention on their assignments away from the ball. While this play requires players with unique skillsets, the concepts can be translated to just about any level, the idea that having a ball handler who is not the typical ball handler can be used to exploit weaknesses in the defense in ways that only using a traditional point guard cannot. Check out this blog post on my experience as a FMS content intern! See More

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Basketball Play - Xavier Musketeers - Horns Rub Quick Hitter

Xavier Musketeers - Horns Rub Quick Hitter

null null 01/22/2019

A very simple but effective set out of the Horns formation. You may think this will never work, but the proof is in the video below! This was a staple out of Chris Mack's Horns series when he was at Xavier. I like this action because even if the initial action is guarded, you can seemlessly flow into another Horns action like flex, 45 ball screen, etc. Click for more Horns sets! Free Playbook - NCAA Horns See More

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Basketball Play - Circle Shooting

Circle Shooting

Joel Hueser 09/19/2016

Circle Shooting is a very popular shooting drill, and for good reason. The drill is fundamentally sound and very efficient. You do not need a lot of space and players tend to get a high volume of shots up in minimal time. Our primary objective besides good passing and shooting is that of footwork. We teach the inside pivot so this action is perfect for such conditioning. See More

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