Three Lane Fly - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill designed to help build a transition offense and to condition through practice.  For this drill, dribbling and traveling are prohibited while only lay-ups are permitted.

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  • Basketball Play - Three Lane Fly

Frame 1

#1 - Throw the ball off of the back board, get the rebound and make the outlet pass to #2. Run down the floor and retrieve #3's lay-up out of the net.

#2 - Receive the outlet pass from #1 and pass ahead to #3. Once you pass to #3, touch the top of the free throw circle and come out the other way.

#3 - Run down the floot and look to get the pass from #2 and score the lay-up.


Coaching tip: Catch the ball with your feet in the air and make proper use of the jump stop. You cannot travel or dribble in this drill.


Frame 2

#1 - Take the ball out of the net and step out of bounds to make the inbounds pass to #3. Run down the floor to retrieve the ball out of the net on #2's lay-up.

#2 - Run down the floor and look to get the pass from #3 for the lay-up.

#3 - Receive the inbounds pass up the floor from #1 and make the pass up the floor to #2 for the lay-up.


To fill the lines after the group of three has gone, #2 replaces #1, #3 replaces #2 and #1 replaces #3.