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Basketball Play - NBA Golden State Warriors:  Dribble Hand-Off  / Pick and Roll Action

NBA Golden State Warriors: Dribble Hand-Off / Pick and Roll Action

Scott Peterman 05/24/2015

Here is a NBA Golden State Warriors Dribble Hand-Off / Pick and Roll Action from Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. Steve Kerr is doing an excellent job in getting great motion and action into his set plays for their players. The Golden State Warriors are the team that I want to watch in the NBA Play-offs for my new sets. Steve Kerry has installed a system that is like the NBA San Antonio Spurs in it's movement, flow and creativity. The starters and reserves have bought into this system all season. David Lee is even getting a second chance in these NBA Playoffs. He is seizing the moment too. Stephy Curry and Klay Thompson are indeed the Splash Brothers and either of them can go off for 20 points in a quarter at any moment. Curry is the MVP, but Thompson is likely to go off on any night. They were one of the best teams ever in the regular season, despite the trip up from the always difficult Memphis Grizzlies. I love this action and you will notice that I chose a play where Steph Curry isn't in the game. It's an example of how their reserves have bought in. If you want to see more basketball plays like this one then check out: See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 on Top (side ball screen)

3 on 3 on Top (side ball screen)

Randy Sherman 05/21/2015

3 on 3 on Top (side/wing ball screen) Offensive restriciton: pass and follow to the ball screen. There are many ways to teach defending ball screens. In this drill you can practice trapping the ball screen, ICEing the ball screen, flat hedging or hard hedging. Adapt it to your personal philosophy. For the #PressureManTips series, I will illustrate the hard hedge (some call this "blitz"). Points of emphasis: HEDGE: get hip-to-hip with the screener, widen the wide side of your body by extending outside arm and leg. Make the ball handler "bubble" their dribble, go with them 2-3 steps then recover. ON THE BALL: reach your away foot over the top foot of the screener and then run through the gap to recover to man and force back up the rooftop. HELP: Break the Line Rules and get to midline! even though the ball is at or above FTLE, get to midline. Look for anything "leaking" out of the ball screen (slip, roll or reject) Drill continues with pass and follow to ball screen action. See More

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Basketball Play - NCAA Playbook By Set

NCAA Playbook By Set

FastModel Basketball 05/02/2010

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