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Basketball Play - Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Doug Brotherton 03/24/2017

This set is one of my favorites of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There are numerous scoring opportunities, as it is a combination of multiple actions. Xavier ran this set in their Sweet 16 game, against Arizona. The set resulted in a wide open three point attempt. The play gets a ball reversal, has a shuffle cut, double stagger screen, and flows into Floppy action. Great stuff by Coach Mack! See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona - Motion

Arizona - Motion

Dana Beszczynski 03/21/2017

Sean Miller's Offensive sets are very creative, involve a lot of movement and do a good job changing sides of the floor. This Princeton type Motion Action invovles a lot of screening actions, incorporates two ball screens and forces the Defense to be aware of cutters and movements on the weak side. The opening action off the FT line elbow screen can yield a lob if the defender on the cutter gets hung up on the screen or is late trailing his man. Use also have the back screen Flex type cut for Trier which can get your 3 man a quick post-up or easy lay-up off the ball reversal step out from the 5 man. The play ends with either a SPNR or Step-up screen from the baseline. Well designed, easy to execute, but very hard to defend when utilizing a full shot clock. See More

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Basketball Play - South Carolina "Nail Play"

South Carolina "Nail Play"

Dana Beszczynski 03/21/2017

South Carolina does an effective job running the "Nail Play" looking to get Sidarious Thornwell a quick look at an open 3. When the look isn't there, the offense continues with the Big-Big cross screen looking for a quick strike in the Post. The Gamecocks finish the set off with two PNR actions forcing defensive rotation and an open lane for 1 v 1 action from Dozier. See More

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