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Basketball Play - Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger

Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

Head Coach Lon Kruger has a gem in Buddy Hield this year and his line-up is also fortunate enough to have good Senior leadership. The Sooners are 2nd in the nation in 3 pt shooting % at .426 (10.5 makes per game behind the arc) Isaiah Cousins a versatile guard who can both shoot and handle the ball, Hield (2nd in the nation in scoring at 25.4 ppg), and Ryan Spangler one of the hardest working big men in the nation (top 50 in rebounding at 9.5 rpg.) This double stagger action was run against Kansas to get Hield a look. Hield reads the defense perfectly, cuts up the gut and as the help defender runs at him, he makes the perfect extra pass to Woodard in the corner for the open 3 pt shot. The Sooners have been fun to watch this season and as we head into the BIG 12 & NCAA Tournament, it will be interesting to see how far they can go. See More

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Basketball Play - Evansville Lob Play

Evansville Lob Play

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

Evansville Purple Aces Lob Play Head Coach Marty Simmons has two of the most exciting players in the country in D.J. Balentine (#20 in the nation in scoring at 20.7 ppg) and Egidijus Mockevicius (#1 in the country in rebounding 14.0 rpg). When you are looking to add some good set plays, the Missouri Valley Conference is the place to look. This Lob Play is a quick hitter that requires solid timing and good reads. The screening action off the lane cut and the cut from the big off the TOK require good eye contact with the passer. Nobody wants to have to face a team from the MVC in the NCAA Tournament as they have a history for being "Cindarella" at the Dance! See More

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Basketball Play - UWGB BLOB vs 2-3

UWGB BLOB vs 2-3

Kevin Bruinsma 03/07/2015

We had a chance this year to pull one of the bigger upsets in the Horizon League as we were leading Green Bay by ten points with under eight minutes to play. Green Bay ended up the season as the 2 seed in the conference tournament, and plays UIC tonight in the Horizon League Tournament Semi-Finals on ESPNU. Their PG #24 Keifer Sykes is their star player and has won league Player of the Year the past two seasons. Coming out of the media timeout down ten they ran this BLOB against us to get them back into the game and set up their press & 3-2 zone defense. They screened the bottom man of the zone so he couldn’t follow Sykes up to the elbow, and drifted their best shooter #12 Love to the far wing. When Sykes caught the ball it accounted for both of the defensive guards. He quickly reversed the ball to #12 Love and our top guard defender and bottom wing defender had to scramble to close out. The 5 on the reversal pass turns and seals the defensive center for an entry pass or rebounding position. This in my opinion gave them life, and was one of the biggest reasons they came back and beat us by 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Green Bay Horns Big

Green Bay Horns Big

Kevin Bruinsma 01/24/2015

Green Bay needed a score in a huge Horizon League contest down 1 against Valpo. They used pre-season POY #24 Keifer Sykes as a decoy to free up their second best player in Greg Mays. Ball was entered to Mays who received a 5 man ball screen so he could drive it hard to his right hand. With him putting so much pressure on the defense with the drive, it allowed the 5 man great rebounding position if he would have missed the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Wall Up

Wall Up

Bert DeSalvo 12/17/2013

From Head Coach Mike Donnelly (Southern CT State University MBB), a great defensive drill to teach players to "wall up" and make offensive players make contested shots from close range. Emphasis on not fouling, boxing out and rebounding. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler SLOB

Butler SLOB

Dana Beszczynski 11/20/2012

This is the SLOB ran last night by Brad Stevens and Butler down 70-67 against Marquette with .13 to play. The play used great misdirection in getting Clarke a clean look at a 3 which bounced off, but because of the great weak side rebounding position by Butler, they were able to tap in the rebound cutting the lead to 70-69. A very well designed set by from a timeout situation by the Butler Bulldogs and their great young Coach Brad Stevens. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Team Loose Ball Training

3FTC Team Loose Ball Training

Greg White 08/27/2012

Every Coach will tell you the importance of winning 50/50 balls. Most of us spend some time on rebounding technique but when it comes to loose balls we just expect our players to just "want it more than they do." While effort is a major part, this drill allows you to teach how to get more of those balls. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 NBA Shooting Drills

5 NBA Shooting Drills

Michael Shaughnessy 09/12/2018

Here are 5 of my favorite shooting drills that I like to use in workouts with my players. They are challenging, competitive, and fun helping players become more efficient shooters. Try them out! Click here for more player development drills from Mike Shaughnessy Mike Shaughnessy x FastModel Sports - Twitter Takeover See More

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Basketball Play - YSU Cycle for 3

YSU Cycle for 3

Kevin Bruinsma 01/30/2015

Down 3 last night at Detroit we diagramed this play in a timeout to free up our best 3 point shooter while giving our PG the chance to drive it 1 on 1 with the entire side of the floor cleared for him. It forced Detroit to overhelp, and led to a wide open 3-pointer which we hit to send the game into overtime. The 5 sprinting up and acting like he was going to set a screen before he set the second screen of the stagger was a great touch as Detroit "Downs" ball screens. The stagger was successful and our 2 was able to drive it to force Detroit to help even more before kicking it out. The extra passes led to a wide open jumper. See More

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Basketball Play - Randolph Drill

Randolph Drill

Fabian McKenzie 08/27/2014

This is a tremendous early season conditioning drill. It is a very tough drill to do when you stress that the players get to the corners and take no shortcuts. We will do this for 1 minute on each side building up to 3-4 minutes a side. You can choose the dribble moves they use and also what type of finish you would like at the rim. Lastly, once they know the drill, when you want to run sprints, suicides, lines, etc. think of running this instead. Lots of handling, passing and finishing. See More

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