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About This Play/Drill

Green Bay needed a score in a huge Horizon League contest down 1 against Valpo.  They used pre-season POY #24 Keifer Sykes as a decoy to free up their second best player in Greg Mays.  Ball was entered to Mays who received a 5 man ball screen so he could drive it hard to his right hand.  With him putting so much pressure on the defense with the drive, it allowed the 5 man great rebounding position if he would have missed the shot.

  • Basketball Play - Green Bay Horns Big
  • Basketball Play - Green Bay Horns Big
  • 1 enters to 4 who along with 5 have popped up off the block to the elbow/perimeter. 4 fakes toss back to 1.

  • 5 sets ball screen for 4 who attacks the basket. 5 rolls right behind him seeking a tip in basket.