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Basketball Play - Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Doug Brotherton 03/24/2017

This set is one of my favorites of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There are numerous scoring opportunities, as it is a combination of multiple actions. Xavier ran this set in their Sweet 16 game, against Arizona. The set resulted in a wide open three point attempt. The play gets a ball reversal, has a shuffle cut, double stagger screen, and flows into Floppy action. Great stuff by Coach Mack! See More

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Basketball Play - North Carolina - Box Stagger

North Carolina - Box Stagger

Doug Brotherton 03/20/2017

It is amazing to watch the 2017 NCAA Tournament and realize how important basic fundamentals are to the success of the teams. North Carolina ran this great ATO, which got their leading scorer a wide open look. Unfortunately, the pass was too low, and resulted in a lay-up for the other team. That does not diminish the quality of this set, which has a post up option, as well as a shot from a double stagger. North Carolina executed down the stretch, beating Arkansas, to advance to the Sweet 16. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan - 31 FLOP Iso

Michigan - 31 FLOP Iso

Doug Brotherton 03/19/2017

After Louisville's loss in the 2017 NCAA Tournament, Coach Pitino mentioned the challenge from keeping Michigan away from their right hand. Michigan is a team that prefers to drive right, and they do a great job designing actions that play to this strength. Michigan stretched their lead to 4, with under 4 minutes left, by running this set. It allowed Wagner (5-man) to get a right handed drive to the rim, as the Louisville defender worried about the action on the left side of the floor. The Wolverines also exchanged their weak side players, to occupy the weak side help. This set has multiple options, but eventually becomes a high post isolation. Look for more of this, as Michigan advances to the Sweet 16. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan - 53 FLOP

Michigan - 53 FLOP

Doug Brotherton 03/19/2017

WIth the score tied 53-53, with under 7 minutes left, Michigan went to this set play. It was a great design, after the timeout, which resulted in a wide open 3. Wagner, Michigan's 5-man, buried the shot. This allowed Michigan to play from ahead, as they went down the stretch in their big win over the #2 seed, Louisville. See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Aseem Rastogi 03/19/2017

Coming out of halftime in their round of 32 matchup with Iowa State, Purdue ran this quick hitter for a layup. It starts with three players along the baseline (could start as 1-4 low if using as a quick hitter in half court offense, not off an inbounds) into horns using two dribble handoffs, and ends with a rip screen for a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler - PNR Rip Lob

Butler - PNR Rip Lob

Matt Wheeler 03/19/2017

Butler opened the second half of their game against Middle Tennessee with this back screen lob play. 4 sets up the play by faking the screen for 3 then popping back out to get the ball from 1. 2 then sets the back screen for 5. This puts the defense at a disadvantage by forcing a smaller player to help on the lob pass to 5. See More

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