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Basketball Play - Croatia - Horns Double Rip

Croatia - Horns Double Rip

Ryan Nguyen 09/15/2018

This is another Horns set that Croatia ran against Lithuania in the first window of the second round of the FIBA European Qualifiers. It's designed to get Saric a post up. After the elbow entry to 2, 1 and 3 set a double rip screen for 4. While this is happening, 5 sets a ball screen for 2 to occupy the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Olympiacos - STS Flare

Olympiacos - STS Flare

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 09/15/2018

A simple yet effective play that coach Giannis Sfairopoulos of Olympiacos run during the 2017-18 Euroleague season. The misdirection stagger screen and the screen-the-screener action force defenders to commit, so the flare screen set by the center at the end of the play is difficult to disrupt without switching a big onto the opponent's point guard. See More

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