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Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks - Push Corner

Milwaukee Bucks - Push Corner

Austin Anderson 06/26/2018

Milwaukee had one of the most athletic lineups in the NBA last season. The Bucks were successful when they were able to play through Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. Giannis is extremely gifted with size and athleticism, which gives him the ability to finish easily in and around the paint. Middleton was exceptional in post ups, moving off screens, and improved his pick/roll play. Milwaukee's corner offense provides multiple options in a set. Push Corner has a back screen to post option, and a side ball screen/ weak side pin option. At anytime, Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Brogdon can slip the corner cut for a basket if teams anticipate the play call. See More

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Basketball Play - Callisburg Ladycats - Vegas Early Offense

Callisburg Ladycats - Vegas Early Offense

Robert Payne 06/21/2018

This early offense is designed to create a quick hit for a trailing 5, using a down screen spot up or back screen for a layup. It works on either side of the court. This action creates pick/roll, pick/pop, and drive/kick opportunities. We use this to get a quick look and then roll into our offensive set. The 3 is our best decision maker /shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip


Michael Lynch 06/15/2018

Favorite go-to set play for Coach Michael Lynch of Leicester HS in Massachusetts. FMS Blog: Program Spotlight - Leicester Wolverines Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Flip PNR

Cleveland Cavaliers - Flip PNR

Matt Wheeler 05/31/2018

The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a page out of the playbook from LeBron James' time with the Miami Heat to put him in a situation where he can attack the basket and create out of a ball screen. The pindown screen for 1 and the pass back to James (3) sets 1 up for the flare screen. x5 has to stay back on the flare screen from 5 to protect against a layup from 1. This puts x5 in a drop coverage where he has to contain the ball as James come off the ball screen from 5. 5 rolls to the basket to look for the layup as 4 and 2 provide spacing on the weak side. NBA Finals Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers See More

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