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Published 12/17/2013 by Bert DeSalvo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

From Head Coach Mike Donnelly (Southern CT State University MBB), a great defensive drill to teach players to "wall up" and make offensive players make contested shots from close range. Emphasis on not fouling, boxing out and rebounding.

  • Basketball Play - Wall Up

Coach picks an offensive player to pass to.


Defensive player rotates to offensive player with ball and "Walls Up" on shooter - Great short closeout with hands high, box out shooter after offensive player shoots - Offensive player tries to make the shot but does not play the drill live.


(NOTE: The key on the closeout is to cover as much ground as possible with the least amount of steps)


To challenge players:


1. After the offensive player shoots the ball the make the defensive player grab it before it hits the floor.


2. If the defensive player does not grab the rebound they must stay in as the defensive player in the drill.


3. Coach can move the offensive players farther out to make the closeout and grabbing the rebound more difficult.


4. Coach can alternate sides or make his/her passes more unpredictable to keep defensive player guessing