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About This Play/Drill

Head Coach Lon Kruger has a gem in Buddy Hield this year and his line-up is also fortunate enough to have good Senior leadership.  The Sooners are 2nd in the nation in 3 pt shooting % at .426 (10.5 makes per game behind the arc)

Isaiah Cousins a versatile guard who can both shoot and handle the ball, Hield (2nd in the nation in scoring at 25.4 ppg), and Ryan Spangler one of the hardest working big men in the nation (top 50 in rebounding at 9.5 rpg.)

This double stagger action was run against Kansas to get Hield a look.  Hield reads the defense perfectly, cuts up the gut and as the help defender runs at him, he makes the perfect extra pass to Woodard in the corner for the open 3 pt shot.

The Sooners have been fun to watch this season and as we head into the BIG 12 & NCAA Tournament, it will be interesting to see how far they can go.

  • Basketball Play - Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Oklahoma Sooners Double Stagger
  • Sooners Double Stagger Action vs M2M


    1 Cousins (#11) dribbles out 2 Woodard (#10) who cuts over the FT line to the opposite wing


    5 Spangler (#00) steps out to the TOK and receives the pass from 1 Cousins (#11)


    3 Hield (#24) cuts under the basket setting up the next action


    4 Lattin (#12) cuts into the lane

  • Sooners Double Stagger Action vs M2M


    5 Lattin (#12) moves to set the first screen of the double stagger


    4 Spangler (#00) executes a DHO with 1 Cousins (#11) and then moves to set the second screen of the double


    1 Cousins (#11) moves the ball creating space for 3 Hield (#24) to possibly come off to the wing

  • Sooners Double Stagger Action vs M2M


    What makes Buddy Hield #24 so good is his ability to read the defense and quickly react to what they're giving him


    Here, 3 Hield (#24) reads the defender cheating and cuts hard up the lane looking for the pass from 1 Cousins (#11)


    As the defense is reacting in a "help" situation, 2 Woodard (#10) slides to the corner and receives the "extra pass" for the wide open 3 pt shot


    *This is just an example of the good team basketball that the Sooners have been playing all season long and kept them in the top 10 of the rankings