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About This Play/Drill

Evansville Purple Aces Lob Play

Head Coach Marty Simmons has two of the most exciting players in the country in D.J. Balentine (#20 in the nation in scoring at 20.7 ppg) and Egidijus Mockevicius (#1 in the country in rebounding 14.0 rpg).
When you are looking to add some good set plays, the Missouri Valley Conference is the place to look.  
This Lob Play is a quick hitter that requires solid timing and good reads.  The screening action off the lane cut and the cut from the big off the TOK require good eye contact with the passer.

Nobody wants to have to face a team from the MVC in the NCAA Tournament as they have a history for being "Cindarella" at the Dance!

  • Basketball Play - Evansville Lob Play
  • Basketball Play - Evansville Lob Play
  • Purple Aces Lob Play vs M2M


    3 Brown (#3) comes off the early drag screen from 5 Mockevicius (#55)


    4 Wing (#12) steps out to back screen 3 Balentine (#31) who cuts in the paint (if he's open off the screen the pass can be made for an easy 2 pts)


    After screening, 4 Wing (#12) steps out to replace on the wing


    2 Simmons (#50) empties out to the wing setting up the next action

  • Purple Aces Lob Play vs M2M


    1 Brown (#3) passes to 4 Wing (#12) stepping out on the wing


    3 Balentine (#31) looks to set a screen on x5 freeing up 5 Mockevicius (#55) to get to the ring for the lob pass from 4 Wing (#12)


    This is a quick hitting action that requires good timing and a precise pass