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About This Play/Drill

We had a chance this year to pull one of the bigger upsets in the Horizon League as we were leading Green Bay by ten points with under eight minutes to play.  Green Bay ended up the season as the 2 seed in the conference tournament, and plays UIC tonight in the Horizon League Tournament Semi-Finals on ESPNU.  Their PG #24 Keifer Sykes is their star player and has won league Player of the Year the past two seasons.  Coming out of the media timeout down ten they ran this BLOB against us to get them back into the game and set up their press & 3-2 zone defense.  They screened the bottom man of the zone so he couldn’t follow Sykes up to the elbow, and drifted their best shooter #12 Love to the far wing.  When Sykes caught the ball it accounted for both of the defensive guards.  He quickly reversed the ball to #12 Love and our top guard defender and bottom wing defender had to scramble to close out.  The 5 on the reversal pass turns and seals the defensive center for an entry pass or rebounding position.  This in my opinion gave them life, and was one of the biggest reasons they came back and beat us by 1.

  • Basketball Play - UWGB BLOB vs 2-3
  • Basketball Play - UWGB BLOB vs 2-3
  • Basketball Play - UWGB BLOB vs 2-3
  • 2 pops to top of the key, 4 fakes diving to the rim and pops to the wing.

  • 3 moves to ball side corner after entering ball. 5 sets cross screen on bottom corner man of zone. 1 cuts to the elbow looking for ball in middle of the floor, if he doesn't get it he pops to top of the key. On 5's screen 2 spaces to wing. 4 reverses ball to 1.

  • 1 passes to 2. 5 turns and seals 5 at the rim. X4 & X1 have to scramble to close out on the shooter.