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Basketball Play - 3-on-3 Guts

3-on-3 Guts

Randy Sherman 10/21/2015

3-on-3 Guts is an excellent live drill for reviewing and polishing your team defensive fundamentals. Further, it is a live drill to teach players how to get through adversity. It stresses the importance of getting and stringing together defensive stops. This drill is also an opportunity for the offense to use motion offense principles RULES: Defense must make four consecutive stops before going to offense Stops are defined as defensive rebounds, steals or out of bounds possessions If the offense scores or gets fouled, the defensive "stop count" goes back to zero Offensive charges count as four stops Offense goes down and back and a new offensive group comes on the floor Do not change directions until the ball touches the rim or offense scores (teams switch directions after Defensive rebouds or Offensive FGM) Check the ball in after steals and fouls Offense must inbound the ball on all out of bounds situations See More

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Basketball Play - Spanish Rebounding Drill

Spanish Rebounding Drill

Fabian McKenzie 09/03/2015

This is a good rebounding drill that works on technique but also gets competitive and emphasizes effort on the glass. You can load this drill in many different ways. You can put points in the drill. 1 point for defensive rebound and 2 points for an offensive rebound. Have one team play for 2-3 minutes on defense then switch and keep track of points You can also have the rebounders play live. If offense gets it they play at that rim, if defense gets it they can play full court 1 on 1 See More

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Basketball Play - Base Trap 4-on-4

Base Trap 4-on-4

Randy Sherman 08/20/2015

This four-on-four shell drill is mainly a shifting and rotation drill. Its objective is to drive home the "Near Man Rule." Near Man Rule: If/when the skip/diagonal pass is made over to the helpside of the defense, all players must immediately rotate to the nearest opponent on the flight of the pass. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 on Top (side ball screen)

3 on 3 on Top (side ball screen)

Randy Sherman 05/21/2015

3 on 3 on Top (side/wing ball screen) Offensive restriciton: pass and follow to the ball screen. There are many ways to teach defending ball screens. In this drill you can practice trapping the ball screen, ICEing the ball screen, flat hedging or hard hedging. Adapt it to your personal philosophy. For the #PressureManTips series, I will illustrate the hard hedge (some call this "blitz"). Points of emphasis: HEDGE: get hip-to-hip with the screener, widen the wide side of your body by extending outside arm and leg. Make the ball handler "bubble" their dribble, go with them 2-3 steps then recover. ON THE BALL: reach your away foot over the top foot of the screener and then run through the gap to recover to man and force back up the rooftop. HELP: Break the Line Rules and get to midline! even though the ball is at or above FTLE, get to midline. Look for anything "leaking" out of the ball screen (slip, roll or reject) Drill continues with pass and follow to ball screen action. See More

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