Spanish Rebounding Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a good rebounding drill that works on technique but also gets competitive and emphasizes effort on the glass.

You can load this drill in many different ways. You can put points in the drill. 1 point for defensive rebound and 2 points for an offensive rebound. Have one team play for 2-3 minutes on defense then switch and keep track of points

You can also have the rebounders play live. If offense gets it they play at that rim, if defense gets it they can play full court 1 on 1

  • Basketball Play - Spanish Rebounding Drill
  • Basketball Play - Spanish Rebounding Drill
  • Players in line 1 have basketballs


    Player 1 throws ball off the board and goes to rebound it

  • Player 1 secures the rebound and throws pass to either side.

    In this example they pass to player 2 who has cut toward ball


    Immediately after the pass, Player 1 goes to weakside to box out player 3


    Player 2 takes a shot


    Player 1 and 3 play "live" basketball.


    If 3 gets rebound they try to score. If 1 gets it the drill ends