Sideline Push - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Three phase drill to teach:

  • Sideline Push to a checkpoint
  • BALL, DOWN, JAM commands
  • Rooftop & stance angle
  • Jump to deny, wing deny
  • Baseline push to a checkpoint
  • One-on-one defense from the wing


  • Basketball Play - Sideline Push
  • Basketball Play - Sideline Push
  • Basketball Play - Sideline Push
  • Taking Away Triple Threat

    BALL - X1 assumes "nose on chest" defensive stance with both hands up taking away the shot and pass options and forcing 2 into dribbling.


    DOWN - When 2 dribbles, X1 maintains "nose on chest." X1 Influences down the rooftop to the sideline checkpoint.


    JAM - when 2 picks up their dribble JAM, smother and trace the ball with both hands (without fouling!)


    Drill Rotation: 2 passes to next player in line (3). 2 then moves quickly into an on-ball defensive positin on 3. X1 goes to end of line. Conduct drill using both sides of the court.

  • Wing Pass Denial

    Same as Phase 1 except when 2 passes to 3, X1 jumps to the ball and takes a deny stance. against 2.


    X1 has hand and foot in the passing lane, feet in line with the rim with split vision with chin on shoulder.


    If 2 cuts to the basket, X1 maintains deny stance preventing the return pass to 2.


    Drill Rotation: After X1 denies the return pass to 2, 2 moves into BALL defensive position on 3. X1 goes to end of line. Conduct the drill using both sides of the court

  • LIVE 1-on-1

    Same as phases 1 & 2 except the 3 passes the ball back to 2 and X1 goes into live 1-on-1 play against 2.


    X1 assumes BALL stance with both hands up forcing 2 towards baseline checkpoint.


    X1 must keep to on the sideline and prevent any dribble penetration to the middle of the court.


    If 2 picks up their dribble, JAM, smother and trace.


    If 2 shoots, contest and box out.


    2 may pass ball back to 3 at any time. In which case, X1 jumps to deny.


    Drill Rotation:

    If/when shot is made or X1 gains possession of the ball, 2 rotates to defense on 3. X1 goes to the end of the line. conduct drill on both sides of the floor.