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Basketball Play - Horns Flex Zipper Weave

Horns Flex Zipper Weave

Evan Orzolek 06/10/2017

Common ball screen set run by Ratiopharm Ulm who won the Germany-BBL regular season title. The set starts in a horns alignment and includes a flex screen, zipper screen, and dribble weave action into the spread pick and roll. Many teams in Europe will commoly have different entries that eventually flow into the spread pick and roll to create confusion amongst the defense. The defense must defend mutiple different actions with this spread pick and roll entry and will have to properly communicate in order to properly defend the dribble weave ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors - Zipper Iverson Step Up

Golden State Warriors - Zipper Iverson Step Up

Matt Wheeler 06/10/2017

The Golden State Warriors started the third quarter of Game 4 of the NBA Finals with a concerted effort to get Steph Curry (1) the ball in ball screen situations. After Curry gets the pass off the zipper screen, Klay Thompson (2) makes a decoy Iverson cut off of 5 & 4. This clears the defense to the weak side of the floor and forces x5 to provide help, making him late in the ball screen coverage. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs - "Fake Hammer Snap" (SLOB)

Spurs - "Fake Hammer Snap" (SLOB)

Doug Brotherton 04/23/2017

The Spurs trailed the Grizzlies by 3, with 22 seconds left, and had the ball on the sideline. Popovich and the Spurs are known for their "Hammer Action," which is a baseline drift play. After a zipper screen to get the ball inbounds, the Spurs designed a "Hammer Action." Behind Kawhi Leonard's drive, they set a down screen for Patty Mills. The misdirection put the Grizzlies into a defensive scramble. On the pass to Mills, Kawhi's defender left to help. Kawhi spaced to the corner, where Mills made the extra pass. This resulted in a wide open 3 for Kawhi Leonard, which tied the game. In the tough scenario of needing a 3, late in the game, the Spurs got the rare uncontested look. A great design, with tremendous execution. Despite Marc Gasol's game winning shot, handing the Spurs a loss, this was the obvious "Xs and Os Play of the Game!" See More

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Basketball Play - Winthrop - 45 Flip

Winthrop - 45 Flip

Doug Brotherton 03/16/2017

Winthrop's terrific guard, Keon Johnson, was being trapped in wing ball screens. To counter this, Winthrop utilized an action which the Oklahoma City Thunder run regularly to free up Russell Westbrook. They set a zipper screen, to eliminate the hard hedge. At the point of the ball screen, the 5 sets a Flip Ball Screen. A flip ball screen is simply "flipping" the screening angle, at the point of the ball screen. It is a simple, but effective way to counter team's who are trapping or hard hedging ball screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls - EOG Post Kickout 3

Chicago Bulls - EOG Post Kickout 3

Matt Wheeler 07/20/2016

Down 3 with 3.6 seconds left in the NBA Summer League championship game, the Chicago Bulls ran this sideline out of bounds play to get Denzel Valentine a clean look at a 3. This play uses the skip pass action that Brad Stevens has used at both Butler and the Boston Celtics in end game situations. The Bulls ran their own variation of the play that started with a decoy cross screen for Valentine instead of the zipper screen that Stevens uses. This action caused the defense to relax, thinking Valentine was covered after defending the initial cross screen successfully. The rescreen for Valentine then freed him up for the game tying shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Charlotte Hornets - SLOB Double Ballscreen Stagger

Charlotte Hornets - SLOB Double Ballscreen Stagger

Greg Youncofski 04/19/2016

One of the Hornets favorite sets in the half court can be just as effective as a SLOB. The Hornets set it up by making Batum’s defender fight through false action zipper screens, and then come right back and make him fight through stagger screens. Batum scores here but the play has many options. Your point guard can take it to the rim right away off the ballscreens. If you have a big man who can shoot, have him pop after the stagger screen because if his man switches or overhelps, he could be wide open for a three-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Denver Nuggets - Zip 2 Angle Hammer

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

This action is a wrinkle on the popular NBA Hammer action by flooding the strong side with movement and screens. Most zipper actions are run to swing the ball across sides of the floor, so help defense will particularly fall into the trap after the zipper screen when the action returns to that strong side. That allows the hammer to be run to perfection. And with sharpshooter Danilo Gallinari as a screener, there's little opportunity to give help away from him. The Sixers help off Will Barton in the corner instead, and that allows Gallinari to get to the rim for the dunk! See More

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Basketball Play - Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Wes Kosel 09/20/2015

1 dribbles right as 3 cuts off of a staggered zipper screen from 5 and 4. 1 passes to 3 then flares to the corner off of a screen from 2. 5 screens for 4 who cuts to the left wing. If neither 1 or 4 are open for a shot, 3 passes to 2 stepping to the ball. 3 screens away and 5 posts up. Once 4 gets the ball at the top of the key, 2 follows the pass and sets a small on big high ball-screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Fist SLOB

Zipper Fist SLOB

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Zipper screen to a ball screen from the sideline. Simple play that allows your players to make reads. 4 and 5 can roll and replace. 1 can finish at the rim. Hit 5 on the roll. 4 on the replace for a shot or hi-low with 5. If any weakside help pulls in, 1 can pass out for an open perimeter jump shot. See More

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