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About This Play/Drill

The Spurs trailed the Grizzlies by 3, with 22 seconds left, and had the ball on the sideline. Popovich and the Spurs are known for their "Hammer Action," which is a baseline drift play. After a zipper screen to get the ball inbounds, the Spurs designed a "Hammer Action." Behind Kawhi Leonard's drive, they set a down screen for Patty Mills. The misdirection put the Grizzlies into a defensive scramble. On the pass to Mills, Kawhi's defender left to help. Kawhi spaced to the corner, where Mills made the extra pass. This resulted in a wide open 3 for Kawhi Leonard, which tied the game. In the tough scenario of needing a 3, late in the game, the Spurs got the rare uncontested look. A great design, with tremendous execution. Despite Marc Gasol's game winning shot, handing the Spurs a loss, this was the obvious "Xs and Os Play of the Game!"

  • Basketball Play - Spurs - "Fake Hammer Snap" (SLOB)
  • Basketball Play - Spurs - "Fake Hammer Snap" (SLOB)
  • Basketball Play - Spurs - "Fake Hammer Snap" (SLOB)
  • 5 screens for 2

    2 zipper cuts

    1 passes to 2

    4 cuts to high post

  • 1 cuts to the opposite corner

    5 sets a baseline screen for 3

    3 comes off the screen to the wing

    2 passes to 3

    2 spaces to the opposite wing

  • 5 relocates to set the "hammer screen."

    3 drives baseline, showing the "hammer action."

    4 sets a down screen for 2

    2 comes off of the screen, behind drive from 3

    3 passes to 2

    3 spaces to the corner