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Randy Sherman is the owner and founder of Radius Athletics - a basketball coaching consulting firm - where he consults with basketball coaches at all levels on coaching philosophy, practice planning, Xs & Os and teaching a conceptual style of basketball. While a head basketball coach at the the interscholastic level, Sherman's teams won 197 games in nine seasons. More info..

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Basketball Play - Florida Gators | Five-Out Offense - Reverse Option

Florida Gators | Five-Out Offense - Reverse Option

Randy Sherman 12/07/2021

Here are some basic options used by the Florida Gators in their Five-Out Offense. First the REVERSE option where the Gators pass side-top-side then screen away. This unlocks curls, rejects and pop backs and links to some Princeton Offense concepts. A few years ago, I diagrammed this idea of taking some Motion Strong concepts and linking them with Point Series from the Princeton Offense. You can check out that playbook here. See More

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Basketball Play - Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Randy Sherman 06/09/2021

An excerpt from our new Five-Out Package Playbook In this sequence, the opening is the SWING to Player 5. The passer then gets into a MEET UP with Player 2. Player 5 takes the ball to the action with the dribble. In this diagram, Player 2 REJECTS the MEET UP and the action flows into either a pass-and-follow DRAG ball screen or a FLIP (dribble handoff). From there the offense is into EURO. Frames 5 and 6 show how we can SWING and get into a MEET UP on the second side. See More

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Basketball Play - Five-Out | SWING Menu

Five-Out | SWING Menu

Randy Sherman 05/11/2021

Below are three options off the SWING opening in my latest creation - a Five-Out system with Early Offense at its core. Swing to the trail, Player 5 in these diagrams, and then do something from the menu of options below: Get into a MEET UP with the player below you Cut THRU to the far corner CHASE the pass for GET action with Player 5 If any coaches are interested in learning more about this new creation, I am doing a clinc event for RAMP GOLD MEDAL members live on Wednesday 5/19/2021 at 8:00PM CT. Become a member before then and get an invite and access to the recording, plus tons of other benefits! We'll be doing a Spring and Summer long deep dive into Five-Out Offense. Check out #5outsummer! See More

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Basketball Play - Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill

Drill: 4v0 Pass, Cut, Fill

Randy Sherman 12/04/2020

Excerpt from our latest playbook entitled "Four-Out Motion Offense: Teaching Through Drills" This drill introduces the basic movements of a basic version of four-out motion offense and the frame descriptions give lots of teaching points you can use to polish up many things you are probably already teaching. The concepts also govern 4v4 play and getting to 4v4 play ASAP is the goal. Further reading: #MotionOffenseTips: Fill Cutting 101 #MotionOffenseTips on Twitter! New FastDraw and/or FastScout subsribers: user code SAVE10 at checkout for 10% off + get a free subscription to the Radius Athletics XTRA newsletter! See More

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Basketball Play - Stanford Cardinal | Fowards Out - Chin

Stanford Cardinal | Fowards Out - Chin

Randy Sherman 11/11/2020

Chin from the Princeton Offense ft. Standford Cardinal Women's Basketball Video below shows DDKs from the Drift Screen. More Princeton Offense Resources: Princeton Offense Playbook Princeton Offense Playbook Vol. 2 (ft. Chin and Chin variations) Video Playlist: Stanford Cardinal Princeton Offense (four videos) #PrincetonOffenseTips on Twitter *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase* See More

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Basketball Play - Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

Competitive Shell 3v3 & 4v4

Randy Sherman 10/15/2020

Competitive version of shell drill where a score followed by a stop equals a point and a team must gain three points to win. Drawn 3v3 but can be 4v4 as well. Setup and rules in frame descriptions. Radius Athletics exists to serve, grow and develop basketball coaches at all levels. How do we do this? Simple. Pillars of Radius Athletics Move coaches towards simple, seamless basketball characterized by conceptual offense, transition flow and a defensive approach befitting the modern game Promote a practice philosophy in line with Growth Mindset and Motor Learning An “Essentialist” approach to creating a program identity Modernization of the professional development model for basketball coaches - Radius Athletics Info *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase:* See More

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