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Basketball Play - Messina Transition Drill (3v3 Continuous)

Messina Transition Drill (3v3 Continuous)

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 10/04/2022

Great transition drill, good for conditioning and decision making on the fly. Team is divided in two groups of six players each (blue - white). Three players from blue team begin the drill by attacking and then running back to defense (defensive transition). Defensive players (white team) pass the ball to their teammates waiting outside the court. So, the flow for each three players sub-group is this: offense and back to defense, then out. Offense has only six seconds to take a shot since getting the ball in backourt. The team scoring five points first wins the set, every basket counts for one, if a shooting foul is commited then one point is awarded. Play to two or three winning sets. Variations: a) increase offense time to eight seconds and apply early pick and roll or any transition action you like to run. b) make tunrovers count as minus one point, to make players serious about their decision making. c) count game like score and play to 11 points. See More

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Basketball Play - Cone Handle Shots

Cone Handle Shots

Kyle Gilreath 07/24/2013

I love this drill because it works on several components of improvement all at once: Ball Handling: Force your players out of their comfort zone and to dribble lower and quicker each time, that is the only way to improve Footwork: Creating space and finishing with the least amount of dribbles Finishing Through/Over/Around the Defense: This drill consists of a multiple of different types of shots and finishes that are great to add to your players' repertoire. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB PACERS WHEEL


Jens Hakanowitz 05/21/2014

This play was #6 on the most downloaded plays of 2018! Check out the full list and download the playbook: The Top 25 Plays of 2018 Down by 7 points (11.2 seconds to play) in Game 2 of the EC Finals Frank Vogel drew up the following SLOB to get a good look from the 3point line. See More

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