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Basketball Play - Spurs Stagger Screen

Spurs Stagger Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 07/08/2013

The San Antonio Spurs utilized a lot of movement and spacing to create open rolling lanes for #21 Tim Duncan. Here they look for the quick hoop as the 3 man curls off a stagger screen. After screening #21 Tim Duncan pops back to get a catch. He executes a dribble handoff and dives hard to the rim. The Miami Heat had a difficult time dealing with him rolling. See More

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Basketball Play - Serbia WBB - 14 Slip

Serbia WBB - 14 Slip

Aaron Schuck 07/09/2021

Serbia won the 2021 Eurobasket women's championship last month. They ran tons of good sets that they were able to play off of. This set highlights a shooter coming off a double screen. Before the screen takes place, there is plenty of early movement that leads to the scoring action. *NBA Finals promo code CHAMPION2021 for 21% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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