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Basketball Play - 2 on 1 Screening

2 on 1 Screening

Brandon Bailey 09/24/2012

2 on 1 DOWNSCREEN - 4 sets a downscreen for 3 on x3 - 3 makes a read (Tight, Curl, Fade) depending on how x3 plays the screen - Screener always goes opposite the cutter - 1 man sweeps the ball below his knees, takes 1 dribble and delivers the ball to 3 2 on 1 FLARE SCREEN - Drill is repeated with a Flare Screen - 3 can fade, curl, or face cut to the basket 2 on 1 BACKSCREEN - Drill is repeated with a backscreen See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 08/27/2012

I started thinking about this offense this summer and really like the options and flow it has. I have run dribble drive in the past. Our program currently uses the Read & React so I took the spacing, Layer 1 and added some ball screen options and a little confusion for the defense. The offense gives you the spacing to attack the basket, while incorporating ball screens that force your opponents to find the best way to defend the ball screen. I've attached a breakdown drill we will use and will post more later. If this offense is something you think might help your team, please contact me at See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina Flare

Carolina Flare

Rich Czeslawski 06/07/2012

Carolina Flare begins the same way as Carolina. 1 reverses to 4 who reverses to 3. 5 posts up above the ball side block. 2 sets up his backpick by moving to the weak block. 4 cuts off 2's backpick to the weak block. If he is open, 3 should "shoot" him the ball. If we need the three, 3 will not pass the ball. On 3's dribble to the top of the key, 5 will come up and set a flare screen for 2. 2 reads his defender and flares to the wing for the three point shot. 3 passes to 2 for the three point shot. 5 can slip to the basket for a layup if x5 helps on 2. Or 5 can screen away for the 4 to create our high - low motion action. See More

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