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Basketball Play - Box Side Elevator SLOB

Box Side Elevator SLOB

Adam Spinella 09/04/2013

The Portland TrailBlazers coach Terry Stotts drew up this end game SLOB for a Blazers game winner. Needing a three pointer in a catch and shoot situation, Box Side Elevator starts in a box formation with the shooter on the opposite block. Watch the weird spacing on this play and how awkward it becomes for the defenders to hedge on the elevator screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare 2

Flare 2

Dana Beszczynski 09/04/2013

The Louisville Cardinals do a good job using the flare screen in this set to get 2 an open look at the 3 pt shot. The set is run from a 2-3 set-up and uses good movement and screens to make the defense make decisions. Rick Pitino is excellent at designing plays to get his best players in their best spots to score. See More

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Basketball Play - Drag DHO Flare

Drag DHO Flare

Adam Spinella 07/28/2013

Quick three pointers and post-up opportunities that take place simultaneously can be very useful for a team that needs a bucket and can afford to shoot from any spot on the floor. Drag DHO Flare is a play designed to get a post up and a flare screen opportunity at the same time. This play designs a shot for 2 from the corner and specifically targets a miscommunication amongst defenders x4 and x2. See More

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Basketball Play - Open Flare

Open Flare

Adam Spinella 07/24/2013

This is a great end of game play for a team to use in a Secondary Break. With about 7 or 8 seconds left on the clock, there is enough time to dribble up in the full court and engage in this action. Likely it has to be a practiced and a default set; if it were to be drawn in a huddle for a late-game play it is likely the defense would apply some sort of full-court pressure, meaning more time would be needed to execute the set. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 Pop

3 Pop

Kyle Gilreath 07/22/2013

This is an excellent quick hitter the Sacramento Kings ran during the 2013 NBA Las Vegas Summer League. One of the options not drawn is for 4 to slip hard to the rim if X4 jumps out hard to help on the flare screen for 3. The shot for 2 is more likely in high school or college because X2 is allowed to sit in the lane and help, whereas in the NBA they can only sit there for 2.9 seconds. See More

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Basketball Play - Pin Reverse Fade

Pin Reverse Fade

Adam Spinella 07/22/2013

Kevin Stallings and Vanderbilt have run this play for a few seasons, most notably with Festus Ezeli during the 2011-2012 season. As a four guard set it opens up the lane for a screening big man to slip to the rim and for guards to get many good shooting looks. See More

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