Boomerang Quick - FastModel Sports

Published 03/11/2015 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Dallas Mavericks ran this quick hitter in transition last night vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. This boomerang action is excellent to run vs teams that are very good pick & roll defenders.

*Boomerangs are actions that quickly change flip back to the same side with an immediate return pass. Learn more about them from Kevin Eastman HERE.

  • Basketball Play - Boomerang Quick
  • Basketball Play - Boomerang Quick
  • 1 advances the ball and quick flips to 2 and gets a brush flare from 5. 3 sprints to the opposite corner. 2 passes back to 1.

  • 1 quickly boomerangs the ball back to 2 and 5 sets a step-up pick & roll for 2.


    **4 had the option to set the empty side step-up for 1 before the boomerang.