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Basketball Play - Down


Adam Spinella 03/07/2015

Over the next few days we will break down some of John Wooden's favorite sets from his UCLA teams in the 1970s. Coach Wooden was incredibly accomplished, and the great leadership abilities he exhibited often overshadow the brilliant offensive contributions he has made. This play, which Coach Wooden called "Down", got an isolation post play for a wing after setting a down screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Post Boomerang

Post Boomerang

Kyle Gilreath 03/06/2015

March 5, 2015 - Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau drew up this marvelous sideline out-of-bounds play to give Chicago the go head basket and eventually defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder. Having a dominate and skilled (passing) big in the post helps, being only down 1 Gasol had the option for a quick turn and score but trusted his teammate E'Twaun Moore for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-WIDE)

Mover Blocker (LANE-WIDE)

Randy Sherman 03/05/2015

In the lane-wide alignment of the Mover Blocker offense, there is one lane screener just as in lane-lane. There is a wide screener that can screen from midline to sideline on his/her side of the floor. It is a good way to add spacing to the offense, utilize a skilled forward and add more variety to the screening options Rules: Lane Blocker must remain on his/her side of the floor and screen for movers ONLY along the lane line. Wide Blocker can set up inside or outside and can screen from midline to sideline on their side of the court. They should screen and separate and play outside the three-point line. Movers pass and cut and maintain top-side-side alignment while using screens from the blockers. READ the defense, curl, back cut and out cut depending on how the defense covers the screening action This is not a patterned offense! Players play within the rules and concepts. In the video below, #11 Evan Nolte is the "wide" screener. See More

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Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Randy Sherman 03/05/2015

A basic summary of the Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense (Lane-Lane mode, their most common alignment) Rules: The three "movers" (colored in pink) cut and fill maintaining top-side-side alignment. The point and each wing should be filled by the movers. In "lane-lane" the blockers are restricted to screening along the lane line extended for the movers. They can set flare screens for a player cutting off the point, they can set pin screens for cutters exiting the lane. They can downscreen for movers. Anytime a mover pin screens along the lane lane, he then immediately buries his man and posts up Blockers cannot change sides of the the floor or screen for one another Think of it as a game of 3-on-3 among the movers and the defenders with screening help from the blockers along the lane line Movers center the basketball so the ball can see both actions. Any questions about motion offense or basketball x's&o's in general: See More

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Basketball Play - Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Randy Sherman 02/26/2015

A way to get more double screens and flare screens into a flex-style continuity offense. Passes trigger actions by following these rules: Rule: Any pass from high elbow to wing triggers a double screen away! Rule: Any pass from wing to high elbow triggers a weakside flare screen! Rule: Any high elbow to high elbow pass triggers the flex & flare action! ANYTIME you set a backscreen for a flex cutter, you immediately arc wide and flare screen for the high elbow See More

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Basketball Play - "BLUE"


Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

Duke set they've been running since the Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Sheldon Williams, Jay Williams, JJ Redick days. Ran tonight vs. UNC. Look for lob after side is cleared out Then hi-lo action or a high ball screen looking to turn corner and draw defender. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Randy Sherman 02/16/2015

Introduce flare screens by using a shallow cut. Line of players with a ball at the slot (screeners), Line of players at wing (cutters). Coach begins the drill with a ball as well. Work the drill on both sides of the court! Shallow Cut Tips: When dribbled at, the wing (player 2) back cuts towards the post then loops to the slot replacing player 1 Cut hard, hold for a count in the post, then sprint to slot Flare Screen Tips: Cutter: Quick basket cut then come off the flare screen Screener: Call the screen! ("Joey! Joey! Flare! Flare!") Screener: Jumpstop into the screen, screener's back should be pointing towards corner of the court, Hold the screen then slip to basket, call "slip! slip!" See More

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Basketball Play - Oakland Overload

Oakland Overload

Kevin Bruinsma 02/10/2015

Oakland has made a commitment this season to throwing the ball in to the post to one of the best centers in the league #42 Corey Petros. Their offense has evolved from a dribble drive offense with moments of the Dick Bennett “Movers & Blockers” offense which we actually ran a bit during my time at Portland. Valparaiso has always doubled big to big on post entries so Oakland must have added a play to their arsenal before playing this game. The irony of it is they took the play from Valpo who has been running the overload play for years and added one wrinkle. With the guards cleaning out it opens up the over top lob pass for the 5 if they front. With the flare screen for the 1 it puts the PG as the only back side help and he is guarding the flare cut. When the ball goes into #42 Petros the 4 man #4 Hayes dives right to the rim as his man doubles the center. The only person on that side of the floor available to help is the point guard who is no match-up for a 6’8 power forward. See More

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Basketball Play - Notre Dame Motion II

Notre Dame Motion II

Dana Beszczynski 01/31/2015

Mike Brey's Motion's Offense has multiple options depending on the cut and what's available with the read. Here against Duke, Notre Dame came down and ran a 2nd option whereby they incorporate the cross court pass into a sprint ball screen action with their 5 man Auguste - 30. Grant - 22 is so good at getting in the lane with his quickness and ball handling ability that the defense on Connaughton - 24 is forced to help opening up the lane for a baseline cut and lay-up. Mike Brey has really perfected the Irish's Motion set in the last years and his team is adept at executing it to perfection. See More

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Basketball Play - Notre Dame Motion

Notre Dame Motion

Dana Beszczynski 01/31/2015

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame under Head Coach Mike Brey have been the surprise team of the year in the ACC. Brey's style is hard to copy as the Irish use multiple cuts and screening actions in their offense to score. In the game Wednesday night against Duke, this is the Opening Play they ran which really shows clearly how their movement opens up good spacing and the screening actions are so well timed to really force the defense into quick decision making. This was one of the most exciting games of the year and the Irish are moving towards a top seed in the NCAA Tournament come March. See More

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