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Basketball Play - Box Loop

Box Loop

Kyle Gilreath 04/30/2014

Late in game 4 of the 2014 Playoffs the Chicago Bulls were in need of a score as they trailed the Washington Wizards. Tom Thibodeau drew up this sideline out of bounds play in a timeout which resulted in a mid-range jumper from Carlos Boozer. This is a great play as it gives you multiple quick inbound and scoring options. See More

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Basketball Play - ATL Horns Flare

ATL Horns Flare

Daniel Murphy 04/28/2014

Atl initiated this Horns play with the same transition staggered screen. This time the the passer recieved a flare screen on the weakside instead of following for the strong side pindown. Because x3 chased the flare screen x4 and x1 both helped on o3 opening up the corner 3 for o1 See More

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Basketball Play - 14 Curl/Triple

14 Curl/Triple

Randy Brown 04/23/2014

Many scoring opportunities exist with this play. 2 and 3 may get free for a shot or drive from the initial flare screens by 4-5. Next, 5 cuts down lane with screen from 4. Finally, 2 takes triple stagger to get open for shot on left side. See More

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Basketball Play - Chop


Alan Peel 04/17/2014

This is a play that was made popular by the University of Kansas that many teams have adopted for late-game situations. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 04/02/2014

The Virginia Cavaliers are peaking at the right time and their run in the NCAA Tournament is going too be one too watch. Head Coach Tony Bennett comes from a strong coaching pedigree. This set play is run out of Transition and has the similar set-up to their Blocker Mover Offensive pattern. There are multiple scoring options off this set and the movement, spacing and timing are impeccable. See More

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Basketball Play - Louisville- Option For Shooters

Louisville- Option For Shooters

Jake Presutti 03/20/2014

Louisville ran this set in the AAC Championship game vs Connecticut. The first option out of transition is to get a quick down screen to get Luke Hancock a quick 3pt shot. If that is not open, Louisville will then look for a flare screen for their point guard. The last screen is for Russ Smith to come off a down screen on the opposite side of the court. If Smith does not have a play he will look for Montrezl Harrell in the post. This set gives Louisville options on the offensive end and allows their playmakers freedom on offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Pin Reject

Pin Reject

John Leonzo 03/17/2014

Here is an ATO set that the Hawks have run after Korver hits a couple shots. They act as if they are going to pin down for him to pop and get a shot, but the cutter rejects the screen and flares the screener for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - V-Flare


Kyle Gilreath 03/04/2014

Since Coaching U released their July 2014 dates yesterday I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite plays I received from Brendan Suhr. Brendan demonstrated this play during the 2011 Coaching U Live in Orlando. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Leak

Stagger Leak

John Leonzo 02/22/2014

Here is a set that Evansville ran early in their game vs. Whichita State to get their offense started. More often than not, x4 will help hard on the 2's curl and 5 will have great angle to flare 4 for a jump shot. Another possibility is looking for 5 slipping the flare screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip Leak

Rip Leak

John Leonzo 02/19/2014

Here is a set that the sixers run often to get their possesions started with a few good looks at the basket. The key to this play is the 2 settin a sound back screen on the 4 man. This will force his man to help on the cut and enable the 5 to have a good angle to screen 2's man. A great simple option to get the ball to your best player. See More

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