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About This Play/Drill

Here is a play from Wednesday night's game between Dayton and Boise State. Very similar to his brother at Arizona, Archie Miller runs great combinations of actions to get open shots for his best players. In this play, the Flyers spread out along the perimeter and the point guard brings the ball up the right side of the floor. 5, who is trailing the play, moves in to set a drag screen for 1. The initial pick and roll is set to get a good look at Kendall Pollard inside (with the rest of the team on the 3-point line). If Pollard isn't open inside, he clears to the corner as a flare screen is set for the point guard (or best shooter). I saw Jordan Sibert and Scoochie Smith come off of this flare screen in the game. 

  • Basketball Play - Flyer Drag
  • Basketball Play - Flyer Drag
  • Basketball Play - Flyer Drag
  • 1 dribbles up the right side of the floor towards the right wing.

  • 5 sets a drag screen for 1.


    1 dribbles towards the middle of the floor as 5 rolls to the basket.


    1 looks to pass to 5 on the roll or pass to 4 on the perimeter.

  • Once 4 has the ball, he looks again inside to 5 posting up.


    If 5 isn't open, he leaks out to the opposite corner.


    2 sneaks in from the corner to set a flare screen for 1.


    1 flares to the wing for a shot.