Butler Point Flare - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Butler used this play mid-way through the second half and got a good look on dribble penetration after the flare screen. The play starts with dribble entry to the right as 2 and 3 switch sides of the floor. The first scoring option is 3 in the corner for a shot. If that isn't open, 1 passes to 4 at the opposite elbow. From here, 4 can shoot if open or take his man to the basket. The third scoring option is to pass to 1 flaring to the wing. If the flare isn't open, the Butler guards put the ball on the floor and drive baseline. At the same time, 5 takes his defender out of the play by posting up under the basket. 

  • Basketball Play - Butler Point Flare
  • Basketball Play - Butler Point Flare
  • Basketball Play - Butler Point Flare
  • 1 starts the play by dribbling to the right.


    2 cuts to the opposite corner.


    3 cuts to the ball-side corner off of a ball-screen from 5.


    If 3 isn't open, 4 flashes to the high post.


    1 passes to 4.

  • Once 4 has the ball, 3 sets a flare screnn for 1.


    1 flares to the wing looking for the pass from 4.


    If open, 1 takes the shot.

  • If 1 doesn't have a shot, he looks to drive baseline.


    5 takes his man under the basket and posts up.


    3 replaces 1 for a pitch back if needed.