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Basketball Play - Davidson - Stagger

Davidson - Stagger

Adam Spinella 09/08/2013

Bob McKillop and the Davidson Men's Basketball Team run this as one option in their 4-out motion offense as a quick option out of transition. This play has the featured action of a downscreen for the big man, whom McKillop has featured frequently as a good shooter over the past few seasons. If there is a stretch shooting big man on your team, this is a nice set to get him coming off a downscreen. See More

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Basketball Play - Big Pin StS

Big Pin StS

Adam Spinella 09/06/2013

Today's Play of the Day is a transition option from Fred Hoiberg and the Iowa State Cyclones for a stretch shooting big man. Hoiberg ran this set coming out of transition for his forward Georges Niang, particularly against Kansas and Jef Withey, who was exceptionally poor at defending on the perimeter. This action fits well into Hoiberg's overall motion offense, which is strongly perimeter-based. His general pattern of offense has been dubbed basketball's version of the "Spread Offense". See More

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Basketball Play - Post Pop

Post Pop

Dana Beszczynski 09/02/2013

Louisville Cardinals post pop action off transition. The Cardinals ran this set in the opening minutes of their NCAA Championship game against Michigan. 1 sets a good screen in the lane pinning x5 allowing 5 to pop completely free to the FT line area for an open 15' shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle Fast Break

Triangle Fast Break

Kyle Gilreath 07/02/2013

Occasionally while pressing the defense gets overaggressive and the trap breaks down and the ball gets ahead creating a 5 on 3 situation. This is the perfect drill to teach your players to never give up on a play and to sprint back trying to get a back tip in transition. See More

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Basketball Play - Regular


John Leonzo 06/01/2013

Here is a set play that was run often by the Pitt Panthers over the course of this last college basketball season. This play starts off with a basic flex action and then develops into a back screen for a lob opportunity and then finishes with a screen the screener action to get an open three. This play is great because the ball is changing sides of the floor, you have action going to the basket and away from the basket, and also flows right out of transition. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Shot Shooting Drill

4 Shot Shooting Drill

Greg White 05/27/2013

This is a great shooting drill to use in your individula shooting workouts or if space permits to use as part of your team practice. The key is shooting at game speed from game spots. The 4 shots are: lay-up, elbow jumper. flare jumper and transition jumper. The footwork and speed of the drill make this a great drill to add to your workout. See More

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Basketball Play - Weak Side Pindown

Weak Side Pindown

John Leonzo 05/01/2013

Here is a great quick hitter that can be run right out of transition that Iowa State used numerous times throughout this past season. The quick hitter is tremendous because it flows right out of transition and seeks to put the ball in the hands of your best players (2 and 5) multiple times. Also, this play creates great spacing for your trail man (5 in this play) to get the ball in an isolation scenario if the other options are not available. See More

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Basketball Play - Point


John Leonzo 04/20/2013

This play is run from a 5 out set and is a great option to run right out of transition. This play gives you multiple opportunities to have the ball in the hands of your best player (1 in this play) and also gives you numerous scoring options going towards the basket. The play ends with a wing ball screen with the ball in the hands of 1 so even if things break down you are still in a good position to get a quality possession. See More

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Basketball Play - Louisville Lob

Louisville Lob

Scott Creighton 04/12/2013

Louisville ran this play throughout the tournament, but executed it to perfection in the second half of the NCAA Championship vs. Michigan. Siva takes advantage of a great back screen by Dieng and Hancock delivers the perfect lob. Even though it it shown in transition phase here, it can also be effective if run from a 1-4 high or box set. See More

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Basketball Play - New York's staggered triple screen

New York's staggered triple screen

Mark Travis 03/11/2013

Aside from having an extremely talented offensive player like Carmelo Anthony, the biggest reason that the Knicks rank third in the NBA in scoring efficiency is the beautiftul playbook that Mike Woodson has assembled. Granted, a lot of the stuff the Knicks run today comes straight out of Mike D'Antoni's scheme - in fact, I think New York runs more of D'Antoni's stuff than the Lakers do - but Woodson deserves a ton of credit for how he has handled the offense this season. Here is a play that New York occasionally runs in semi-transition or in the half-court. It is a high staggered triple screen that takes advantage of New York's staple offensively: a stretch four. Usually, that player is Carmelo, but in this particular example, with Melo out with an injury, Steve Novak assumes the role of a stretch four. The staggered triple screen action has a pair of pick-and-pops and a pick-and-roll to cap it off that can send the defense scrambling to find their assignments and put them in a poor position to defend in the case of a mismatch or good ball rotation. When the Knicks ran it against the Cavs a couple of days ago, Cleveland got all out of place following Novak at the three-point line and left Amare wide open on the roll for an easy dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Utilizing the Lakers' talent

Utilizing the Lakers' talent

Mark Travis 11/22/2012

Mike D'Antoni said something very interesting about his up-tempo offensive philosophies. He said that if you have the best team, why not try to give your players the most possessions possible. The theory being that the more times that Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have to execute their offensive brilliance, the better it will be for his team since the opposition's talent won't be able to match them. If the game slows down, all of the sudden your margin for error shrinks and a handful of mistakes can cost you a game. D'Antoni also said that he expects the Lakers to average around 110-115 points per game, which are numbers that haven't been reached since the Nash/Amare combo in Phoenix was broken up. Those two things tell us that the Lakers will be playing at a very fast pace from now on, and despite the popular belief that their roster is too old to run, a free flowing offense is exactly what a veteran team wants in favor of a methodical offense like Boston runs which requires a lot of physical screening and post-up attempts. And having playmakers like Nash and Kobe together only makes this team more dangerous offensively because of his versatile they are coming off of pick-and-rolls. Nash is perhaps the greatest to ever operate a screen-and-roll and Bryant, because of his propensity to shoot, is a very underrated passer. Throw-in the most skilled big man in the league at power forward in Pau Gasol and the best finisher the league has seen since Shawn Kemp in Dwight Howard and we could have the makings of Showtime 2.0. This play that I have designed would make good use of the cavalcade of skill players that the Lakers have. Because of the up-tempo offense the Lakers will be running, the play starts in semi-transition with Kobe handling the ball at the start. I have inserted Jodie Meeks into the line-up for Metta World Peace to add a true floor spacer. The shots that this set produces are all optimal ones based on these players career hotspots and you can run it several different ways with different players on the floor. It is best with this set up, though, with Kobe initiating the action, Nash bringing a ton of secondary concerns and Howard acting as the league's best roll man and lob catcher. See More

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